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Today’s Early Bird is the seductive Ribbon Doll version of Aqua from “ Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Kurenai Densetsu.”
Kono Suba - Aqua - Ribbon Doll Collection top view
This once goddess of water has been transformed into a delicate figure wrapped up perfectly in a red ribbon!
Aqua shows her more adult appearance as her normal blue vest and skirt have disappeared. Instead, she wears only a red ribbon that laces around her body and exposes much of her skin. Two little bows accentuate the red ribbon, presenting Aqua like the perfect gift!
Kono Suba - Aqua - Ribbon Doll Collection Arms and Face Closeup
Aqua is posed on her side, with her legs kicking back slightly as she curves her upper half towards the viewer. Her expression is innocent and cute as she looks up, almost as if a little surprised.
Kono Suba - Aqua - Ribbon Doll Collection Face
Check out the detail on Aqua’s fingernails! She sports a pale pink pedicure that perfectly accentuates her exposed skin.
Kono Suba - Aqua - Ribbon Doll Collection Overhead and Nails
As she lies down, her long blue hair is spread out behind her. She still wears her signature hairstyle - half down and the other half in a big loop, tied together with an adorable hair tie that looks like a water molecule.
Kono Suba - Aqua - Ribbon Doll Collection Hair
Add this sultry figure to your collection and save 11% off when you pre-order with Solaris Japan!
Kono Suba - Aqua - Ribbon Doll Collection Release Image
“Union Creative introduces Aqua from “KonoSuba” to their Ribbon Doll figure collection! She is laying down with a cute little expression on her face, showing how confident she is. Her light blue hair is spread out all around her while only a red ribbon wraps around her body and ties her up like a present. Make sure you add this sexy Aqua figure to your collection!”
P.S. Make sure to complete your Ribbon Doll collection!
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