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Creating a figure for an original character is always a risky endeavor. They aren’t from a famous show or series. They aren’t part of the big waifu or husbando war. Their fan base is generally limited to those who are familiar with the artist's works. So, how can they compete for shelf space and hook hobbyists in the vast ocean of anime figure collecting? They need to be above and beyond in terms of character design, uniqueness, coloring and bring something special to outperform the rest.

If they can catch your eye and turn your head, they should at least get a consideration for adding to your collection.Designed by the illustrator Riko, this figure is of the original character Ai Tsukiyomi, a nurse in training. Originally drawn with the title Vampire-chan, it drew the attention of Bibi Buttons, a relatively new Chinese manufacturer who collaborates with talented artists to bring their unique characters to life.What immediately stands out is the pink and white color scheme with pale complexion. It works well and gets your attention. When you get a better look, you realize how many small details and genius this design truly was. The combination of vampire themes, nurse attire and a dash of angel makes Ai truly stand out. Let's take a look from head to toe and explore all the creativity that went into the design.First off, we have a blood halo atop her head. Bibi Buttons opted to use translucent plastic to give it a more realistic look and the dripping effect looks good. The nursing cap has the addition of a small heart and ECG icon. Riko designed Ai’s hair and accessories to be rather girly and cute. The bows and frilly hair ties make it a softer image, and deciding on twin tails is always a good choice. Riko also added hair clips and kept Ai’s face fully visible. The black and white colored clips on both sides reflect the dichotomy of themes. On one hair clip, she has a little pouch of medication. A rough translation of what is written is oral medication, take 4 times per day. Finally a tiny cowlick gives a bit of a messy and careless impression. Hopefully Ai is not too lazy and forgetful that she takes her medicine as prescribed!
Her facial expression says it all. Her stern look is aloof but the beautifully painted eyes have a touch of gentleness. There is also some slight blush on Ai’s cheek and while it is difficult to see, she has a cute, tiny fang! The overall visual gives the impression of Ai getting interrupted on break as she sucks down a quick meal.Her leotard isn't overly nurse-like, other than being white. The frills near the arms and legs add a dainty touch and the patch along her stomach says vampire in Japanese. The leotard is skin tight and the way it hugs her body looks good.
Her armband adds in a bit more nurse aesthetic with another heart and ECG icon. Her skin has nice coloring, creating a very pale complexion fit for a vampire. The way Bibi Buttons added a bit more color to thinner areas like her fingers and knees makes Ai feel alive. The bandages throughout help give depth and intrigue. Is Ai just clumsy or just a bit edgy?
From the back, we have a pink ribbon to add color and break up the subdued palette. While Ai might be rather smol, she is certainly healthy enough to have some junk in the trunk. To complete the visual we have the angel wings on her back and accessories around her ankles. The wings in my opinion are the only weak point for this figure. There really isn't much detail to them and the feathers just look a bit cheap. Viewed from the back it becomes more apparent but they are definitely passable.Would you let Ai draw your blood at the next doctor's visit? As adorable as this vampire is, I think I would ask for someone with more experience but I could admire her on my shelf!What's your impression of Ai? Let us know in the comments below!

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