Artist Spotlight - Underwear? Disgusted faces! Wholesome cute cat girls!? 40hara (40原)!

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40hara is a Tokyo-based Japanese illustrator who is fairly active in the industry. Working on his own doujinshi (self-published content) and active as a freelance illustrator, he began his career in 2011 as an artist’s assistant.
Being very skilled with anime-style illustrations and creating warm characters with great use of color, he quickly began moving up the ranks and winning contests.
As his artwork’s become more and more popular, he has enjoyed much success in the industry and has had his own illustrator exhibits, popup shops, and events! 
Let's take a look at some of his original series!

Iyapan - I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face

One of 40hara’s most popular doujinshi works is“Iyapan” or I Want You to Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear, which has enjoyed loads of success achieving manga and anime adaptations, many art exhibits and, of course, tons of merch.
You can judge the book by its cover for this one. As the title makes clear, the series features girls showing you their panties while looking at you with a loathing expression.
The series caters to different tastes and features different archetypes of women in each episode. This ranges from nurses to nuns and everything in between. The series may help you learn a lot about yourself: are you someone who likes getting stepped on? Do you enjoy women looking down at you in disgust? Have you accepted that you might be trash? If the answer is no…skip this section! You’ll find more wholesome content at the bottom!
But, if you answered yes to any of the questions, then welcome to the club! Happy to have you! I have some figures to show ya! 
Itou Chitose is the maid character shown in the key visuals of season 1 of this "unique" anime. She has short dark hair, distinctive light green eyes and wears a dark gray colored maid uniform. For this figure, they gave her an elegant classic brown outfit with a red bow tie.
Being attentive to her duties, Chitose asks if there is something the viewer would like. As I am sure you can guess what was requested, she calls the viewer a hopeless pervert before complying. The figure does an excellent job capturing her look of contempt as she lifts her skirt.
A nice bonus for this figure is that you can display her without her maid outfit and/or underwear! Interchangeable heads also give you the option of an angry scowl or a pleading look! 
"You really are a helpless person, aren't you?"
The doujinshi’s second issue cover displays the Miko character Iori Izumo. This shrine maiden has long dark hair with a decorative white ribbon.
Working at a shrine in a small town, she is introduced to the viewer as having an overly gentle personality.
After learning that the viewer wants to see her panties, she says she understands and proceeds to lift her hakama. Her disgusted face is joined by insults to the viewer and calling them pathetic. (Sadly for me, can’t argue with facts)
The figure of Iori captures her undressing her traditional miko robes as she steps out of her hakama. She is holding her top open to remove it as well and both are cast-off able parts! In addition, there is an interchangeable face on this one. 
"You're like a mass of worldly desires... pathetic."
“I was fascinated by her soft skin under her hakama and her disgusted expression.”

Kinako - Uchi no neko ga on'nanoko de kawaii (My Cat Is A Kawaii Girl) 

When he’s not drawing disgusted girls exposing themselves, 40hara is working on his other masterpiece, which happens to be the cutest cat girl ever.
40hara's second biggest series, My Cat Is A Kawaii Girl, features his original cat girl character Kinako. With the goal of one day directing and independently producing an anime adaptation of this series, he’s made this recent work a main focus.
The series is about the daily life of a young man and his cat girl. Based on 40hara's actual pet cat named Kinako, he has been creating short stories from real scenarios he encounters during daily life. While Kinako may look like a human in his series, she embodies a cat in all ways — wanting to bite his leg randomly, interfere with his computer keyboard, and of course being terrified of vacuum cleaners.
40hara will occasionally post pictures on social media showing the comparison of his real pet cat to his illustrated creations which is extremely entertaining in itself.
If you have always wanted a pet cat girl for yourself, we have just the figure for you!
This first figure portrays Kinako playing with her toy! For those spatially challenged, this is a very nice, small, and compact figure. With a height of only 140mm (~5.5in) including the pedestal, this figure can fit nicely on any desk or shelf.
Despite its small size, it comes with an interchangeable head! The limited edition version also includes a tapestry featuring the design of the figure as drawn by 40hara.
The next figure is the first product from Thousand Co., Ltd.'s new figure lineup “GOLDENHEAD.” This figure does a great job showing off her cute cat ears and tail, long milk-tea colored hair and includes her favorite stuffed animal (Magzo)!
The subtle details on her accessories and clothing make me very interested in seeing more from the “GOLDENHEAD” line. After seeing this figure, who wouldn’t want an ohayou from this sleepy cat girl! 
Then again, thinking back to his doujinshi, it might not be so pleasant…
Thanks for reading!

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