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Who we are

Founded in 2008 in Tokyo, Solaris Japan has been been a leading international retailer for Japanese figures, video games and all sorts of otaku-related merchandise. Over the years we have shipped hundreds of thousands of items to happy customers around the globe.

We source and ship all items from Japan and have a zero tolerance policy for counterfeits.

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Our Products

Our product selection includes close to 100.000 Brand New and Pre-Owned items.

Buy Brand New
Usually ships in 72 hours
Unopened factory-sealed items
Buy Pre Owned
Usually ships in 72 hours
Second-hand items in good condition that have been opened but are complete in box

We check the condition of every single item before we send it to you, to make sure you get what you are looking for.


We accept a wide range of payment methods:

All orders will be charged in Japanese Yen.

Please note that prices do not include possible fees charged by your bank or payment service provider.


We offer three different shipping methods:

All of our shipments are handled by the good people at Japan Post, except for some smaller Express orders to the USA, which will ship with DHL.
Your items will be carefully packed (we use a lot of cushioning!) and shipped in an unmarked box.

Our site will automatically calculate all shipping fees for you.
Please note that, due to the size and weight of certain items, some shipping methods may not be available.

When will it ship?

After you have placed your order, we usually require 72 hours to ship it out.

Once your order is on the way, we will let you know.

Import Fees

Since we ship your order directly from Japan there is chance that you will have to pay import fees in your country (unless you live in the USA). These fees are your responsibility, since you are importing goods into your country.

Our site offers a customs friendly invoice tool that you will see on the check out page. It can help lower the amount of import fees, but is by no means a guarantee to do so.

The way it works is simple: by moving the slider to the left you decrease the value printed on your order’s invoice.

However, be careful, because if you choose a very low value, it is likely that customs officers in your country will become suspicious. This is why we call the left end of the slider “Risky”.

Please also keep in mind that the insurance value is based on the amount shown on the invoice. Lowering the invoice amount will therefore lower the insurance value. So if your order is damaged or lost, we can only compensate for the insurance value you selected.

Before you order

Availability & Pricing

Items with an active order button are available and will usually ship within 72 hours.

Since our automated pricing system updates continuously based on Japanese market prices, sometimes price fluctuations occur. Compensation for price drops, unfortunately cannot be offered.

Shipping fees displayed for some products are based on weight information provided by manufacturers, which in some cases, can be incorrect. If this happens, you will be contacted in regards to the difference in shipping fees.

In rare cases, items can be displayed as available, while they are in fact sold out. If this happens, you will be contacted directly.


Pre-orders are required to be paid when you place them. Unfortunately, we currently can not accept delayed or partial payments.
If you order an available item together with a pre-order item, your order will be shipped once all items have become available.
Shipping weights and sizes are based on estimates provided by the manufacturer prior to release. It is possible that the provided information turns out to be wrong, in which case you will be contacted by us.

Release dates can be subject to change. The dates on the product pages will usually be up-to-date, however delayed adjustments are possible.

Some pre-order items may be announced with pre-order bonuses. Information about these bonuses or their quantity are based on estimates provided by manufacturer and might differ from the initial information. In cases where pre-order bonuses are not mentioned in the English product title, they will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis as long as stock is available.

Pending orders

Merging Orders

If you have more than 1 open order with us, we can combine the shipping and dispatch the orders in 1 shipment. Please contact our customer support as soon as possible at to prevent orders from being sent out separately.

In some cases, merging orders can result in a shipping fee surplus. The amount will be refunded to you as store credit.

Splitting Orders

We can send items of your order separately if you wish. Please note that additional shipping might apply in this case. Please contact our customer support at if you need to split your order.

Excess shipping fees will be reimbursed as store credit.

Address Changes

The address associated with your account can be changed and updated via your account page . If you need to update the shipping address of you current order, you will need to contact our support at .

Please double check the entered address before placing an order. The address cannot be changed after an order has been shipped. Please get in touch with your local post office in this case.

Delivery problems

Undelivered Orders

In case a shipment could not be delivered due to a wrong address, the package not being claimed or being refused by the addressee, it will be returned to Solaris Japan. To resend undelivered shipments, additional shipping fees will apply. Please refer to our Cancellation and Return Policy in case you are not interested in having your order resent.

A package returned to us by the post office as undeliverable, unclaimed, or refused by the addressee is not an authorized return and as such not eligible for a refund. In addition, shipping costs will not be compensated in the case of a package returned to us by the post office as undeliverable, unclaimed or refused by the addressee.

Lost Orders

We ask you to keep an eye on your order's tracking (if available) and to get in touch with the local post service, if a shipment is taking considerably longer to arrive than estimated (over 2 weeks for Express, over 3 weeks for Regular or over 10 weeks for Saver). Should this yield no results, please contact our customer support at .

If a package appears to have been lost, we will launch an investigation with the Japan Post in order to find out its whereabouts.

Please note that the investigation process has no fixed timeframe and can take several weeks to complete.
Compensations or replacements can not be offered while an investigation is still pending or if you chose an uninsured shipping method.
Reimbursements can only be issued with the same value as the declared invoice value.

Damaged Orders

If it is likely that the damage occurred during transit, it is necessary to resolve the issue through the international reclamation system provided by Japan Post and the postal service in your country. In order to do so, you need to file a claim with your local postal service. It is important that you receive a claim/case number and some sort of official document. Please forward everything to us and we will take all necessary steps on the Japanese side.

Please note that the investigation process has no fixed timeframe and can take several weeks to complete. Compensations or replacements can not be offered while an investigation is still pending or if you chose an uninsured shipping method. Reimbursements can only be issued with the same value as the declared invoice value.

If you have received a damaged item, please follow these steps:

  • If the shipping box is visibly damaged, please open it with a post office representative present, if possible.
  • Keep all packing material and documents that came with the order.
  • File a damage claim with your postal service and make sure to receive a document containing a claim/case number.
  • Take detailed pictures of the damage.
  • Write a short description of the issue.
  • Send the pictures and the cl it to

Condition Ratings

Solaris Japan uses the following system to rate the condition of pre-owned items:

5 Star Rating: Near mint condition with little to no signs of usage
4 Star Rating: Very good condition with minor signs of usage
3 Star Rating: Good condition with some signs of usage
2 Star Rating: Average condition with several signs of usage or damage
1 Star Rating: Very used condition with obvious signs of usage or damage

All pre-owned items come complete with accessories and in box.
Please note that any pre-order or initial release bonuses are usually not included.

DLC codes included with pre-owned games are not guaranteed to be valid.

Request pictures
Write „Send pictures" in the order notes and we will send you pictures of your item before we ship it. If you are not happy with its condition, you do not have to take it.

Customs Process

All fees and taxes associated with importing the order are the responsibility of the customer and are not included in the order price or eligible for reimbursement. There is no import duty or tax on games or toys for customers in the USA.

Customs authorities may open packages for inspection and ask for additional paperwork such as invoices or proofs of payment. You can find the invoice for your order in your user account.

In some cases, customs authorities fail to notify the addressee about their shipment being held in customs. Solaris Japan sends out a notification once a shipment has arrived in customs, provided that the chosen shipping method includes tracking. We encourage our customers to keep an eye on the tracking progress and get in touch with local customs authorities or postal services, in case the tracking does not update for more than four days. After a storage period of usually two weeks, the shipment will be sent back to us as "not claimed by addressee". Please see Undelivered Orders for further information.

Cancellation Policy

In-stock items

As a general rule, once your order has been placed it cannot be cancelled. Should however special circumstances apply, a cancellation is possible and a restocking-fee of 15% will be deducted from your ordered items' value, the minimum fee being ¥1000. Solaris Japan reserves the right to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to accept a cancellation request or not.

Orders that have already been shipped cannot be cancelled. Customers who want to return a shipped order may refer to our return policies.

Pre-order items

Pre-orders cancelled up to 7 days prior to the release date will be subject to a cancellation fee of 10% of the item price.

Cancellations beyond this deadline will be charged a 15% cancellation-fee of the pre-ordered item(s), the minimum fee being ¥1500.
Free cancellations cannot be given for delayed release dates.

Return Policy


All returns must be approved in advance by our support staff.
Please contact if you want to return your order.

Any approved return must be sent back to us within 7 days after delivery. A 15% return fee of the ordered item(s) will be charged, the minimum fee being ¥1000. The customer is responsible for bearing all costs associated with the return.

Returns need to meet all of the following conditions:
  • All items must be complete, undamaged and in saleable condition
  • New items must be factory sealed and unopened
  • Returns have to be sent via registered mail
  • All items have to be in their original packaging and well packed for shipping
  • A print-out of the invoice must be included
Any item that does not meet the conditions above will not be refunded or exchanged.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the safe and undamaged arrival of the returned item(s). Refunds will be paid out after the arrival of the returned item(s).

Manufacturing flaws

Solaris Japan can not take any responsibility for manufacturing flaws, but offers to act on your behalf by contacting the manufacturer and requesting a replacement. If you have ordered a brand new item that shows any signs of damage that did not result during transit, please get in touch with our support staff at and include a detailed description, as well as pictures showing the issue.

Please note that most manufacturers stop support for items older than one year, so we cannot guarantee support for items older than one year. All international shipping fees associated with the replacement are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping fees within Japan are usually covered by the manufacturer.

Compensations & Refunds

Solaris Japan generally offers financial compensations in the form of store credit.

If exceptional circumstances apply, refunds in can be offered and will be issued in Japanese Yen. We reserve the right to decide this on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that Solaris Japan does not cover any fees charged by your credit card company or PayPal when processing refunds. All applicable fees are the sole responsibility of the customer.