White Day waifus: Our picks for best girls!

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Love is beautiful, isn’t it? The gentle fall, the sweet surrender, the painful pining...it is so beautiful that it deserves not only one, but two holidays for it! And Japan gets that. That’s why they created White Day!
When Valentine’s Day first came to Japan it was adopted mostly by women who used the occasion to confess to their love interests. Then, in the 1980s, the Japanese National Confectionery Industry Association successfully campaigned to implement a day for men to reciprocate the feelings. The color white was chosen to represent the purity and innocence of teenage love.
As the name of the holiday implies, the gifts should be something white. White chocolate is a good option, but more recently dark chocolate has been preferred, since white chocolate has more calories than milk and dark chocolate. Don’t tempt your beloved with high calories, please.
What the name of the holiday does not imply, however, is the fact that man is actually supposed to return the gift threefold. Now, considering you don’t want to just give the lady more chocolate (and a very hearty sayonara to any fool who tempts those committed to their diet ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ), you’ll have to make up for it in quality. Only the best, finest treats are allowed!
Since we ranked husbandos on Valentine’s Day, this month we’ll rank waifus for White Day!

Saber (Fate)

Saber Freeing

It’s not a waifu list if we don’t have Saber. She is the King of Knights and King of otakus’ hearts the world over!
Saber Freeing closeup
Strong but gentle, noble but humble, loyal even at the expense of her own dreams, she is perfection incarnate! Blessed be the Holy Grail that summons this servant to our era! ヽ(~~~ )ノ

Albedo (Overlord)

Albedo Good Smile Company

Is righteous not your type? Well, then, have Albedo. A goddess crafted to be excellence in the flesh, with the face of an angel and a twisted, darkened heart.
Albedo Good Smile Company closeup 
Her domestic administration skills are on par with her battle prowess. She is the type who will bring an empire to its knees as a gift to you, and will also manage the newly-founded nation as a dutiful housewife. (✾♛‿♛)

Chii (Chobits)

Chii Hobby Max 

OK, maybe you’re not into weird, evil-obsessed types either. How about a much, much sweeter programmable waifu, such as dear little Chii? For some of us, she may have been the first anime love of our lives.
Chii Hobby Max closeup 
Just like any first love, Chii is also enshrined in our memories as the most perfect creature ever made. Her childlike innocence tugs at the heartstrings of all, and her diligence in learning how to be a perfect partner made the show a delight to watch back then. (ृˊ◡˴⁎৲ु॰∘♡

Emilia (Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World)

Emilia Alpha x Omega

Being kind is the most difficult skill. A person whose kindness flows freely is as precious as a pearl. Emilia is a powerful person on her own, but her greatest ability is that of soothing weary souls, incarnate and ethereal.
 Emilia Alpha x Omega closeup
With just one look she levels the walls around hearts! She is the only one fit to bring a nation together and to be revered as a merciful ruler.

Ram and Rem (Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World)

Ram and Rem Good Smile Company

A person's entourage says a lot about them, and Emilia's is no exception. Her servants Ram and Rem are just as sweet, in their own demonic ways.
Ram and Rem closeup Good Smile Company
Ram is sincere to a fault, speaking her mind without a filter. Rem is just as earnest and capable of great violence in order to protect those whom she loves. Once you win their hearts, you'll have loyal allies for life! ↜(╰ •ω• )╯ψ

Mumei (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

Beauty finds a way even in the most dire circumstances. In fact, as the Emperor in Mulan once said, “the flower that blooms in adversity is the more rare and beautiful of all. And, Mumei emerges from the battlefield as a lily, pure yet tainted by the horrors of war.
Mumei Union Creative International closeup
She fights her way through and awes all those who see her in action. Yet deep down she’s still a blooming flower, trying hard to survive in a hostile world. (و •̀ ᴗ•́ )و

Mizuhara Chizuru (Rent-a-Girlfriend)

Chizuru Bandai Spirits

Next up, Instagram poster girl Mizuhara Chizuru! When the powerful types are waaaay out of your league, there's always the girl next door.
Chizuru Bandai Spirits closeup 
A pro at love, Mizuhara knows how much sugar to give to make the bitter medicine go down: she will patch up a broken heart while also giving you a harsh reality check. She's mastered the role of "stepping stone girlfriend" and deserves every penny she charges for her expertise!

Senjougahara Hitagi (Bakemonogatari)

Senjougahara Hitagi Alter

Some girls are more spice than sugar. When the mix has more heat than anything nice, you get a tsundere like Senjougahara!
Senjougahara Hitagi Alter closeup 
Lithe and as sharp-tongued as a pit viper, this extremely prickly high schooler has quite the talent for wielding words like venom. She bares her stationery arsenal and hisses in that soft and threatening voice of hers. What these types really want is to be left alone. But of course, there are resilient types who think they can handle her. Can’t blame someone for wanting a little thrill in their lives…

Nozomi Tojo (Love Live!)

Nozomi Dengeki

Wise beyond her years, Nozomi is simply enchanting. She's the true muse behind the group's name! Trust what the cards say, as this encounter has been written in the stars. Hers is the inspiration that pulls Muse forward: she was the gentle hand pushing the pieces together and her feelings were the melody of their graduation song.
Nozomi Dengeki closeup
Miracles happen by the grace of this muse! ٩( ^ᴗ^ )۶

Mio Akiyama (K-ON!)

 Akiyama Mio Alter

Let’s be frank: idols are not for everyone. They may be charming, but their styles are quite flamboyant. This is totally expected! Idol groups are in the show biz, and being theatrical is part of the job. But if you want a purer, more demure high school love, have Mio Akiyama!
Akiyama Mio Alter
Much like her instrument of choice, the bass, her presence offers support to the band. Steadfast and inconspicuous, yet still an invaluable part of the group, Mio helps keep everyone in sync with her reliable and down-to-earth attitude. ヾ(☆´・ω・)ゞ
Did Cupid’s arrow pierce your heart yet? ➳♥
Who are the waifus you think should have been mentioned? Let us know in the comments!
Happy White Day! (๑・ω-)~♥”

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