Shimarin, goddess of relaxation and solo camping!

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Winter camping season ended this spring with the last episode of Yurucamp, season 2… but it  doesn’t mean it needs to end here! Spring and summer camping can be just as fun! if you don’t mind getting rained on sometimes. ʕु•̫͡•ʔु☂
Even with the pandemic we can still camp in the backyard or our bedroom! The anime came in handy at a time when we couldn’t go out, and gave us great tips on how to get started indoors. Besides, why not walk down memory lane and camp inside with a pillow fort / chair-and-sheet tent like in the good ol’ days?
Shima Rin Yuru Camp
Last time we saw the girls they were celebrating Nadeshiko’s and Aoi’s birthday (which is on March 4th, if you’re interested {・ω -*} ). This time, figure manufacturer Wanderer is preparing this beautiful figure for Shimarin’s birthday!
Yurucamp - Shima Rin - Birthday ver. figure
It will be launched on September 30th, on the eve of her special day! But since the veteran solo camper likes to plan and is careful with her money, we have put her on an Early Bird promotion so you can be prepared too! After all, only good things come from rising early; from the chance to watch this:
Torii gate Yuru Camp
to enjoying an onsen just for yourself, enjoying a traffic-free ride through the mountains and also getting in on a good deal!
Yurucamp - Shima Rin - Birthday ver.
At first glance, it’s hard to recognize Shimarin in the poofy blue dress. We’re so used to seeing her straddling her (MVP of a) moped, dressed up in leathers just like her super cool grandpa, that this sweeter version almost doesn’t look like her.
Shima Rin birthday figure closeup
There is no mistaking that serene expression, though. ( ˘▾˘) Or the Shimarin bun, as blue as the campanulas she holds.
Nadeshiko Wanderer figure
I have a feeling that she coordinated her outfit to match Nadeshiko’s! While Shimarin walks in the woods, her camping pupil and bestie runs wildly on the plains. She will also land at our store on September 30th. Pre-orders are open!
Shima Rin Birthday figure overhead
The quiet solo camper carries a basket filled with plants and fruits. If it seems like she resembles a Greek goddess it is because she does; Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, is often depicted with a bounty of flora. Chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, lilies and red kochia stems are arranged neatly beside ripe fruits. Orange ribbons float in the late summer breeze.
Back of dress
Her dress also has ribbons that float in the wind! The fabric seems so fresh I want to touch it!
( ^◡^)っ
Frills closeup
She walks the woods barefoot, treading lightly like a nymph. The hem of her dress reaches just above the ankle, from which point a translucent tulle trimming cascades down. This detail is expertly executed, with glittering flakes embedded in the sculpt!
Lamp closeup
On her right hand she holds a lamp, in what seems to be another nod to Demeter, who is often depicted carrying a torch.
I wonder if they sell cool lamps like that at Caribou? It would add such a nice cottagecore flair to my camping experience! (◕o◕✿)
Yurucamp - Shima Rin - Birthday ver. figure
The Early Bird discount will be on for just a while longer. The countdown is on, so pre-order today to get yours!
Shima Rin GIF
Until next time! ヽ(´௰`✿)

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