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Tanjiro, step aside — the original demonbane siblings are here!
Inuyasha Sesshomaru 1/7 Hobby Max
The Kamado family merely adopted demon slaying. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were born in the conflict, molded by it: they tread the fine line between humans and demons in feudal Japan.
Hobby Max sends us down the Bone-Eater's Well, with these super cool scales! They take us twenty years back to the anime release that made most of us become indoor people before it was cool. ( ̄‥ ̄)
And these two couldn't have come at a better time: the wolf firstborn and his runt brother will land in October this year, when Yashahime's first episode of season 2 will air. Girls, behold the greatness of your fathers in their youth!
(By the way, they have landed at our store this month, with Towa coming in just a couple weeks! Check them out here!)
To make things even better, the figure fae of Good Smile Company are gracing us with Pop Up Parades of the cast of Inuyasha as well. (づ໐௰໐)づ Of course, scales are worth every dollar, but let's be honest: "the current situation" has not been fair to everyone. Hobbies are pricey, but they don't always have to be!


Noblesse oblige: we'll look at His Demonship first.
Sesshomaru Hobby Max 1/7
Sesshomaru's silver hair flows in the midnight breeze. With a contemptuous glare, he eyes down the cur with whom he shares his father's legacy.
Sesshomaru 2
The Tenseiga is drawn, whirling up demonic energy around him. On a side note: is it me or does that mokomoko look *super* fluffy? Almost like milk foam. I just want to pet it and don’t care if I die in the process. ꒰ ✘Д✘◍꒱


Next in line is the next of kin, younger brother Inuyasha!
Inuyasha Hobby Max 1/7
He doesn’t need a mokomoko-sama; the softness of our favorite hanyo is in his heart! (◕ᴥ◕ᴗ) Under fangs, claws, and a hot temper, granted, but they don’t (usually) get in the way. Everything about him is pure and passionate: the warm red of his robes, the brighter white of his hair, the intensity of his stance and his stare!
Inuyasha 2
The Tessaiga is empowered, showing its true form. It does not conjure demonic energy, but it does not need to; Inuyasha’s earnest spirit is all he needs to win against his haughty brother.
Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru
Each is great in their own right, but those two were made to be posed together! Their bases are of the same terrain, which makes for a seamless battle scene. The essences of their characters are conveyed extremely well in each figure; so much so that juxtaposing their opposing natures is the only natural thing to do! (˘ ▽ ˘) っ

Pop Up Parades

And if those poses are a bit too extra for you, here’s the alternative: Good Smile Company is releasing a handful of Inuyasha figures over the fall. As mentioned before, the Yashahime girls came in August: Moroha and Setsuna are already at our store, while Towa will be making her way in just a couple of weeks.
But we’re looking at the old guard today.
Pop Up Parade Sesshomaru Inuyasha
Inuyasha is scheduled to come a little earlier than the scales, in September! He poses casually with his sword on his shoulder, smirking as if he saw a pretty woman bathing in the river. (◔ᴥ◔)
Sesshomaru, on the other hand, will take his time and come sometime in November. He casually dodges an attack, in that blasé manner that made many hearts swoon back in the day.
Pop Up Parade Kagome Kikyo
Speaking of swooning, we could not forget about the ladies! Shrine priestess Kikyo extends her hand with an elegant move. She will return from the beyond sometime in October.
Her ancestral grace is perfected in her reincarnation! Kagome retains her innocence while brimming with personality! And she’ll be arriving at about the same time as Inuyasha, in September! Which means that until everyone else comes, the pair of lovebirds may get to enjoy some time just the two of them! If you pre-order them today, that is.

Until next time!ヾ(^∇^)

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