A parade of the finest kimono: celebrating the Coming of Age in Japan!

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That’s because today is a very lively holiday in Japan: Seijin no hi (成人の日), or Coming of Age. During this public holiday, 20-year-olds attend events in city halls dressed up in their finest wear: long-sleeved kimonos and fur shawls for the women, snazzy hakama or a western-style suit for men. At those events they are celebrated for reaching the age of maturity in Japan, in a tradition with roots in ancient Japan.
Solemn speeches and life lessons are in the general format for the celebration, but the best part of it is what comes after the formalities. While some prefer the calm company of family and a small group of friends at a cozy cafe or a fancy restaurant, some prefer to go all out. This is, after all, their first chance to enjoy the privileges (and maybe the consequences later) of adulthood. In karaoke bars, izakayas and clubs, they get wilder than spring breakers in California. And get even sicker. (хдх)
But the world is a little different now, and celebrations this year may not be as lively as before. That, however, shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a drink and the fresh beauty of youth! From the safety of your home, of course.
Crack open a beer and kanpai with us as we go over this furisode selection! (^-^)_日

1. Hatsune Miku

Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Nendoroid #1427 - Korin Kimono Ver. (Good Smile Company)
For starters, a good dose of kawaii: a freaking A-DO-RA-BLE ƪ(♥ﻬ♥)ʃ  Hatsune Miku in a furisode. Just look at her! How can one not fall in love with the world’s #1 princess when she smiles like that? She looks like a beautiful winter scene by herself, with her pure white kimono and delicate designs rising from the deep red hem.

2. Yurucamp Season 2

Yurucamp Season 2 - Shima Rin - F:Nex - 1/7 - Furisode (FuRyu)
Now look up from Her Nendoroid Highness: cranes are gliding against the backdrop of cherry blossoms and turquoise skies. Yurucamp’s Shimarin has her cool and serene gaze upon you, holding good fortune in her hands. A fluffy white scarf keeps her warm; a gentle but cold wind blows, softly rattling the golden bells of her hamaya.

3. Date a Live

Date A Live - Yatogami Tohka - 1/7 - Finest Kimono Ver. (Good Smile Company, Kadokawa)
Tohka-chan must have left her shawl at the coat check in the restaurant; she has the look of someone who is so relieved to be out of a boring ceremony and eager to just dig in! I just think she could have checked Sandalphon as well, but… I guess it counts as an accessory. ┐(´~`)┌ The floral design at her feet adds lightness to her step as she heads straight for the feast!

4. Saenai no heroine no sodekata

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Kasumigaoka Utaha - 1/8 - Kimono Ver.
As night falls outside, all eyes are on Utaha-senpai. She slides her koma geta in an alluring figure 8, showing one bare foot at a time through the bold opening of her oiran-style furisode. Picture this yandere beauty appearing by the light of lanterns, eager to show you what adults can do after sunset…

5. Fate Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel

Fate/stay Night Heaven's Feel - Saber Alter - 1/7 - Kimono Ver. (Kadokawa) 
Have you had too much to drink? Or maybe a different Shadow fell at dusk tonight. You are now watching the royal procession of King Artoria Pendragon. Raven feathers make her stole, floating along her long sleeves, following the flux of energy emanating from the other side of the gate. In a clever use of base design, the duality of Saber Alter’s nature is exposed: on one side, the gilded flowers of her noble role. On the other, pitch-black void.
And that is all the fun for tonight! Good luck dealing with the earworm and the hangover. (=`ω´=) I hope you enjoyed our selection.
If you are turning 20 this year, congratulations on reaching adulthood!
Until next time ヾ(^∇^)

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