Cardcaptor Sakura rides the spring breeze!

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Flowers are blooming! Spring is here, marking the beginning of a new season full of hope... ◕ᆺ◕✾
And what better represents the season than... Sakura!
Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card-hen - Kinomoto Sakura - 1/7 - Rocket Beat Ver. Figure
… Kinomoto, that is.
Come on, cherry blossoms for spring in Japan are a little too obvious. (  ̄十 ̄ ) let’s give other flowers a chance to be in the spotlight.
Anime roses GIF
In this delightful figure by Wings Inc., Sakura flutters above fresh rose blooms. She dons the red dress outfit that you can see in the second opening of the series, lovingly designed by her producer and costume designer, Tomoyo, of course! ( ^◡^)
As expected from the Daidouji fashion house, the dress comes in the typical Lolita style that, back in the day, inspired many teenagers to add petticoats to their birthday wishlists. The dress has a Queen of Hearts aesthetic: crimson red with black ribs from her chest all the way to the hem, where frills abound. Heart designs can be seen all around her skirt and on the buttons that secure her gloves and her shoes. 
Sakura figure closeup
The outfit is complete with a golden crown bearing a heart-shaped jewel! Which also happens to enhance the emerald green of her eyes ❂.❂
Unlike the guillotine-happy monarch of the books, however, Sakura is just a tender and sweet student at Tomoeda Middle School. To balance the deep crimson of her outfit, a sheer shawl covers her bare shoulders (Queen Elizabeth II approves).
Rocket Beat Sakura figure back
Tomoyo doesn’t spare anything when it comes to frills and ribbons: for this occasion, she made the bow almost as big as Sakura herself, to make them look like wings! It sits slightly folded, reminiscent of a butterfly when it perches on a flower. A blue crystal secures the knot at the center, while the ends of the ribbon fray into the shape of feathers: a swallowtail angel!
Rose closeup
Heart-shaped buttons fasten her red and white boots. Below her feet, unfurling their velvety petals to receive Her Majesty the Queen of Cards, are two roses. There is no need to paint them red if love blooms true and pure! 
Sakura figure back
The ribbon seems to cradle the flowers, just as we do before smelling them. (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃✿ The peg that supports Sakura mid-flight blend in quite well with her outfit and behind the roses; it is barely noticeable from the front.
Dream Wand closeup
Key that hides the forces of dreams
show me your true form! 
Her Dream Wand has exquisite detail: the star crystal at its center has an opalescent sheen, brimming with the pure magic of the Card Captor. It is securely held in place by a sun-shaped golden frame, connected to the staff by a blood red jewel. Wings flit with the power emanating from the key of dreams.
Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card-hen - Kinomoto Sakura - 1/7 - Rocket Beat Ver.
The butterfly of dreams will be landing at our store at the end of April, riding on a warm vernal breeze. Don’t let this one just flutter by!
Card Captor Sakura GIF
Force without master 
heed the call of my Staff of Dreams
and become my power!
We hope you enjoyed this one!
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