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Welcome to the Solaris Blog! ヾ( ʚ̴̶̷  .̫ ʚ̴̶̷ )ノ”
We’re going to Disboard, wanna join? Ah, why am I asking, of course you do! What else were you going to do during a cold and bleak January anyway? (◔ᴥ◔)
Today we’re looking at four lovely figures of Shiro from No Game No Life!
The brains behind the success of Kohaku is as cute as she is insanely talented, and Good Smile Company stopped at nothing to honor the ruler of Imanity.
No Game No Life - Shiro - 1/7 - Yuu Kamiya Art Works (Good Smile Company)
But if you came here following the pretty colors and have no idea who Shiro is, here’s a quick introduction: she is the little sister protagonist of the series No Game No Life. Together with her older brother Sora, the two are such pro gamers that they can outplay the most sophisticated hackers. While he is the cunning of the team, she is the brains. And the face, because she’s also so darn cute. Just look at our stock of No Game No Life figures: it’s almost all Shiro!
Dazzled by the explosion of colors? (゚д゚) The entire series is like that, with more rainbows than a My Little Pony episode. If you love ALL colors, then this series is for you.
Shiro GSC figure 2
And so is this figure: brimming with bright pastel hues, Shiro has a skirt made of kaleidoscopic magic! Playing cards fly all around as the moment of checkmate approaches. Her base mimics that of a chess piece, and that’s not exclusive to this figure. If you look at our store, you will see that a good number of the scales of Shiro have that same chess aesthetic.
Shiro Yuu Kamiya Art Works figure closeup
Even her eyes are filled with the colors of the prismatic world of Disboard! They’re almost hypnotic… (๑♡⌓♡๑)
NGNL Shiro figure hair
That stunning gradation on her hair, though. It’s one of the defining features of her design, and it’s very interesting to see how each figure maker chooses to portray it! The light novel and the anime differ slightly in their descriptions of it, but it is naturally quite colorful. Very often, the anime's softer color palette is preferred — probably because it best showcases Shiro's cool demeanor. Take, for example, this figure by Union Creative International:
No Game No Life - Shiro (Union Creative International Ltd)
For such a cute pose, a gentle color scheme is the best match. Cat Shiro is currently on an Early Bird promotion along with her rival, the fox Hatsuse Izuna! They are both available for pre-orders but the discount is for a limited time only, so order soon!
No Game No Life - Hatsuse Izuna (Union Creative International Ltd)
But back to the kawaii mastermind:
Shiro figure last
The choice of brighter hues is a perfect match for her bold pose. I am getting Senjougahara vibes from it, actually… (・ε・)
This powerful and colorful Shiro figure is scheduled to release in April 2023. Sounds like a long time? Maybe. However, she is currently on an Early Bird promotion as well, so if you pre-order today, you will get 18% off! Deals like that are the most tactical choice, so hurry to our store and place your order soon!

Bonus: Pop Up Parades!

But if you can’t wait for that scale to be released, take a look at GSC’s Pop Up Parades!
NGNL sniper and queen Shiro Pop Up Parade
You can have Shiro the sniper now, and for an awesome deal! And then, Shiro the queen in May. Both have that light pastel aesthetic we mentioned, and their poses are much sweeter! (´꒳`)
Don’t be fooled by Shiro’s cuteness though, she’s as good a shot as she is a genius. Whichever you choose, the outcome will still be the same: you will fall in love with her.
We hope you enjoyed this one!
Until next time! ヾ(^∇^)

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