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Isn’t it interesting how, whenever a character is transported to a parallel universe, it is almost 100% a fantasy MMORPG? Interesting and a little too predictable, to be honest. From the ones that take the adventure seriously to those that revel in the meta comedy, that medieval element doesn’t seem to change.
Nothing wrong with that, of course. It’s fun and familiar. Though it would be nice to switch things up sometimes. And just as if eStream could read minds…they gave us Rem and Ram, Neon City version! ◦°˚\(´°౪°`)/˚°◦
Shibuya Scramble Rem and Ram
The company, with their Shibuya Scramble brand, keeps on giving us all the different versions of Re:Zero heroines we didn’t know we needed. From bubbly idols to demonic powers and elegant crystal dresses, the characters leap into the 3D world in style!
Shibuya Scramble figures
(By the way, we have that Idol Emilia right here!) ⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )
And style is all the Neon City series is about. Their dynamic poses and elaborate backgrounds add edge and grit to the otherwise kind twin maids. In this cyberpunk world, even the sweetest of all demons gains a streak of vandalism. Ram goes full rebel with a can of spray and rollerblades to stick it to the authorities and evade them with ease.
Shibuya Scramble Ram Neon City Ver.
(Check out her pics on our Instagram!)
Meanwhile, Rem stays back at the bar, working as a bouncer. This is an exclusive witches’ establishment; you may only come with an introduction. Don’t try to force your way in! Rem will stop you with a swing of her with her morning star. The colors give it a cheery, candy-like look, but make no mistake: its sting is as hot as its pink!
Shibuya Scramble Rem Neon City Ver.
Signs everywhere tell you to stop, and point to all the directions you can run to if you have come without the Witch’s Mark. But the doll in the bioluminescent bomber jacket is just so cute you can’t resist; she’s worth the risk!
Rem Neon City 2
Her maid outfit was upgraded to a black vinyl skirt, a navy tank top with a buckle corset, white thigh-highs, and blue and pink chunky sneakers. The transparent jacket catches the cold light of the neon signs and makes her glow like an otherworldly entity. Rem is like an abyssal creature swimming in the underbelly of the electric town!
Rem Neon City 3
This is the future, and wearables have expanded their options: a stylish visor sits on top of her head, and she listens to the comms in one ear. Notice the quilted lining of her jacket, how it also seems to light up in the dark!
Rem Neon City back
The shadows cover the flaws of this abandoned corner of the town, but they’re not enough to completely erase them. Here, the concrete has been eroded by time, mismanagement, neglect, or a mix of all three. Pipes and cables lay exposed and the scars on the signpost, a souvenir from another wild night, have since grimed up.
The level of detail in the base and background of this figure is such that it has the power to immerse you in the scene and teleport you to that same dark and damp alley, somewhere in a shady corner of Tokyo.
This urban setting is a far cry from the bright skies of the kingdom of Lugnica. However, Rem’s presence makes it a much better place to be! She blooms like a neon flower in the concrete jungle, a sight for sore eyes after a long and wild night out. (๑ᴗ๑ )
These aren’t the only two figures in the series, by the way. Emilia has been announced as well, so keep an eye out for her in our shop!
Shibuya Scramble Emilia Neon City Ver.
Would you like to brave the paths of a cyberpunk underworld with these twin demons? Come on, the night is still young! Pre-order Rem and Ram today!
We hope you enjoyed this one!
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