Who is this beauty, whose ashen hair outshines the sun?

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Welcome to the Solaris Blog! ヾ( ʚ̴̶̷  .̫ ʚ̴̶̷ )ノ”
Have you ever heard of the witch with flowing ashen hair, gliding gracefully through the sky on her broom? Who is this beauty, lovely and delicate as a porcelain doll that challenges the summer sun to outshine itself? That’s right! It’s me! \(´°౪°`)/ 
I mean, it’s Elaina! (⌒_⌒;)

BellFine’s Donut Elaina

Majo no Tabitabi - Elaina - 1/7 - DX Ver. (Bell Fine)

Just so it’s clear, “Donut Elaina” is writer-san’s nickname for her, for lack of a title other than her own name. I just really liked the detail on the donuts, they look delicious. (˘ ڡ˘)
This is a young and bright-eyed Elaina, walking with a spring in her step towards an exciting future! And chocolate-dipped donuts to go, for a boost of energy, because it’s not easy being a prodigy! (๑・ω-) 
Majo no Tabitabi - Elaina 2
There is a standard version, with Elaina on a brick road base, and the deluxe one with a wider, more scenic base. This figure has so much detail in it, however, that even in the standard version there is a lot to discover from all angles! From the sweet breakfast to the minute glow of her brooch, these details are sure to immerse you in the magical world of the series!
Elaina Majo no Tabitabi closeup
With a hat the size of a sail, it’s no surprise that the slightest morning breeze would send it flying. And to reflect that, the hat on the figure is removable! So we can see more of her bewitchingly cute face. ( ♡∀♡)
Elaina Majo no Tabitabi city background
This figure is set to release in October (befitting ( ੈჰ ੈ) ), but there is still time to pre-order today! In fact, if you do, you can save a little bit on the order...and also get points to count towards your next purchase! Trust me, you will need them...because if you think young Elaina is cute, wait to see what is coming out next year!

FuRyu’s Summer Dress Elaina

Majo no Tabitabi - Elaina - F:Nex - 1/7 - Summer Dress Ver. (FuRyu)

After many travels, the Ashen Witch finds herself at the beach, where she meets beauty to match her own.
This stunning figure is made by FuRyu and is set to arrive in the spring of 2022! Elaina’s gaze is lost somewhere in the blue horizon, enjoying a well-deserved break from all the wonderfully beautiful and wonderfully wicked people of the world.
Elaina summer dress closeup
Her expression is serene; there is a sort of wistful poise to it, the face of a woman who has matured after many travels and many discoveries.
Brightly-colored flowers adorn her hat. In the ornament we can also see what seems to be nods to some of her adventures. Two not-lovingly-stepped-on grape bunches dangle temptingly, reminding us of the hard work and the wild party of That City. Intertwined with that memory are lavender flowers, a token of the tragedy Elaina had to witness in one of her jobs.
Elaina FuRyu summer dress side
The wind rises as her heart sinks in the reminiscence of her travels. Her dress flutters in the sea breeze, which also ruffles the water at her feet. The translucent effect on her skirt, along with the cool and soft colors call up the effect of a cloudy day and its distant white clouds.
Elaina summer dress no hat or coat
The sea zephyrs can have her hat, for now. Both her hat and her coat can be removed to reveal more of the immaculate summer dress. Its brightness can rival that of the sands and make the sun squint!
This figure is currently on an Early Bird promotion! Pre-order today to save 16%!

Bonus: Saya by FuRyu

Majo no Tabitabi - Saya - F:Nex - 1/7 (FuRyu)

As expected, where Elaina is, Saya will be there as well. Barrelling across the sky, the Ashen Witch’s #1 fan will always, always find her way to her beloved. They made a promise, after all!
Saya Majo no Tabitabi closeup
The Charcoal Witch carries with her the mementos that spurred her on this journey: the hat gifted by gentle and forgiving Elaina and the dolphin necklace, a symbol of their friendship. She flies earnestly, towards the same shores where her darling senpai is taking a break! Not willing to ever be left behind, Saya also snuck into a promotion, to make sure they’d be together, even on your display shelf. Her release is scheduled for 2022, so pre-order today!
We hope you enjoyed that one!
Until next time! ヾ(^∇^)

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