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“You know who it is? Coming ‘round again, you want a dose of this right now!”
League of Legends Ahri 1/7 Apex 
Riot Games is showing us that they go hard by releasing this AMAZING figure of K/DA lead vocalist Ahri! Sorry-not-sorry for being such a geumsabba, but I can’t resist the wiles of the Nine-Tailed Fox, OK? Beautiful and confident girls are my counter. ( ̄︶ ̄ ;)
The world of virtual divas was shaken up with the phenomenal release of their single POP/STARS back in 2018 — we love the Vocaloid crowd, but K/DA is bringing some fierce competition!
All praise goes to the skilled folks of Shanghai-based Apex Innovation for giving us this literal idol to worship! She is the first one of the virtual group to receive a 1/7th scale in this style. Kai’Sa has a nendo form, but not in her K/DA persona. Still adorable, though!
League of Legends Nendoroids
By the way, these toy-size champions are clubbing to Sona’s tunes back in our store. You should check them out! Ahri will need backup dancers… (๑・ω-)
Akali did get a figure when she appeared in Riot’s own Unlocked series. It’s loyal to the design in the game and has a cool effect buuuuut…that portrayal of K/DA's maknae is lacking a little edge. And come on, Akali is the baddest, we can’t afford to lose any edge! We earnestly hope The Rebel will get the Apex treatment sometime soon too! All of these divas should!
Ahri K/DA 2
After all, they've shown they're worthy of the job with how they polished up the Queen's model for a stupendous debut! 
This figure is dynamic and full of detail. First up, look. At. That. Face! It is so perfect it can make 2020 fly by in just a second. (º ﹃º) A perfectly-shaped Cupid’s bow smiles under the narrowing gaze of a vixen who knows she has her prey. The charm spell hovers above her snapping fingers, and it has your name on it.
Ahri exudes confidence: from the (manicured, mind you) hand on her hip, the folds on her vinyl outfit, up to the golden accents that complement her flaxen hair (fennec vibes, anyone?), everything about her screams #boss. ┌(▀Ĺ̯ ▀-͠ )┐ 
I seriously don’t know what that Aurelion Sol was on about. Yes, humans are meh, but she’s FAR from being mediocre. Maybe the cosmic gecko is just jealous that this star isn’t his own creation.
Ahri K/DA 3 back
She doesn’t aspire to be human; humans aspire to be her! Remember twintails? Yeah, me neither, they’re so 2010s. The last doe-eyed girl who came wearing those did not make the cut. The newest hot trend is to sport voluptuous, spectral tails. The more you have, the more alpha you are! Unless you’re more into the demon aesthetic, then talons are a better choice. (Evelynn don’t torment us, please) ᕕ(◉Д◉ )ᕗ
Ahri’s nine tails are made of a transparent material cut to resemble crystallized energy. When she comes swaying that Vastayan grace as she takes the center stage, they catch the light and give this diva the ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*radiance✧・゚: *✧・゚:* she deserves. 
Make sure to display her accordingly!
Ahri K/DA 4
The Nine-Tailed Fox will debut next summer, but you can pre-order right now! If her shows sell out, you can bet this wonderful figure will, too.
Go on, indulge me.
Until next time! ^ ↀᴥↀ ^

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