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Welcome to the Solaris Blog! ヾ( ʚ̴̶̷  .̫ ʚ̴̶̷ )ノ”
Isekai anime has a thing about making demons into the best waifus ever. From sweet little unicorned demons such as Re:Zero's Ram and Rem, who never give up on you, to absolute bombshells who will defy their lustful nature to be your one and Overlord's Albedo!
Today we will look at this amazing figure by Kadokawa, who joins the ranks of worshippers and pays tribute to the guild’s vixen overseer! (☆ω☆*)
Overlord IV - Albedo - KD Colle - 1/7 - Wing Ver. (Kadokawa)
And I am so glad they did, because despite all her beauty and intense love, she doesn't seem to get enough figures. I mean, she still has the most out of all the Overlord cast...but for someone this perfect there should be some more, wouldn’t you agree? 
Albedo is the type of character who can look sultry even when she’s chibified! (づ໐௰໐)づ
Overlord - Albedo - Nendoroid #642 (Good Smile Company)
Did you see her in our shop? She’s faithfully standing right beside Ainz, as usual. You should check out this pair of love...bats! ( ˶˘ ³˘(❛ ہ ❛⋆)
Other figure makers have paid homage to the succubus of the Great Tomb of Nazarick; FuRyu gave us a wedding version and a yukata version (we have the latter! (ᴖ◡ᴖ)♪ ), while Good Smile Company chose to portray her taking flight.
Albedo figures FuRyu Good Smile Company
And then comes Kadokawa with the sequel to GSC’s figure: Albedo descends with a feline swagger, as if walking down from the heavens after having slaughtered its entire host of angels.
Albedo 1/17 Kadokawa figure
Her love is so true and intense that she could lay waste to heavens and earth in order to punish insolent zealots! (メ`ロ´)/ No one, absolutely no one shall disrespect Lord Ainz and live to tell the tale! Not even the world’s most powerful angelic summons.
Overlord Albedo Kadokawa figure closeup
That self-satisfied look tells all: she did it and she enjoyed it. Albedo is the paragon of all yandere! (´ ⌣`ʃƪ)
Overlord Albedo 1/7 wing figure perspectives
As she walks down the runway in midair, her silken hair and raven wings sway in the breeze. The detail of the movement in this piece is astounding! It’s a simple pose that exudes sensuality; I really appreciate how Kadokawa aptly reproduced her hourglass figure mid-stride. There’s just something about how casual she looks, and yet so alluring! ( 。・ρ・)
Albedo figure side view
If someone were to judge her character solely on these figures, she’d be thought of as an innocent Venus. The virtue of her name shines through in almost all of releases so far, which is great! But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that every time a new Albedo figure is announced, deep down I am just a teeny-weeny bit disappointed that it's not Albedo in a naked apron… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
But we have hope. We’ll keep on praying to all the angels to intercede and grant us our deepest wish. 人 ´∀`) And if they don’t grant it, we’ll cast them into a black hole, that’s also an option.
The Guardian Overseer is set to release in March 2022. Remember that Albedo is a very busy woman; she has no time for your indecisiveness. The Great Tomb of Nazarick needs oversight, little Lord Ainz dolls need to be made, and Lord Ainz body pillows need to be loved. So pre-order today! ( ಠ ⌣ ಠ )
We hope you enjoyed this one!
Until next time! ヾ(^∇^)

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