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League of Legends - Jinx - 1/7 (Myethos)
Her Super Mega Death Rocket will do the trick!
Myethos just lit the fuse on this most volatile League of Legends champion, Jinx! Riot Games tasked the Chinese figure maker with bringing the chaotic Zaunite to this side of the screen. She’s the most recent figure of the League of Legends franchise, coming after marksman Ashe, K-Pop vixen Ahri, and goody two-shoes Lux. They’re all available for pre-orders at our store, so go check them out! And while you’re there, why not take a look at the Nendoroids as well?
League of Legends figures Lux, Ashe, Ahri
Jinx’s release was announced just ahead of the start of Rio Games’ Netflix series, Arcane, in which she and her brawny sister Vi are protagonists. By the way, who will make Vi next, I wonder? And Jayce! Figure gods, I beg you, please make Jayce soon!
But eyes on the flames over here:
Jinx Myethos closeup
There’s no one better than Myethos to bring the crazy Jinx to the 3D world: she’s looking hotter and more lethal than her game and Netflix versions, even! She rocks the smoky eye like only an explosion addict could pull, which enhances her maniacal look. Should I use gunpowder when I apply mine too, I wonder…? (ʃ⌣́ ,⌣́ ƪ)
Jinx Fishbones figure detail
As they often like to do with their figures, this one goes all out with the dynamic pose: Jinx’s blue braids whip about wildly, almost getting tangled in the fins of Fishbones, her deadly-but-actually-a-very-sensible-fellow rocket launcher. Can’t blame it for working for a terrorist…a launcher’s gotta do its job. ╮(╯ ∀ ╰)╭
Jinx rocket, name, and Pow-Pow details
Jinx rides her Super Mega Death Rocket, with Pow-Pow riding shotgun, all the way into the neat little buildings of Piltover. Those uppity noses which turn at the sight of the Undercity are now in flaming pieces everywhere. ╮(•́ω•̀)╭╮(•́ω•̀)╭╮(•́ω•̀)╭
The choice of silver instead of the classic red actually works well for the figure, as it allows for the champion, not the weapon, to be in the spotlight.
Myethos Jinx outfit closeup
It’s hard to believe someone so tiny could cause so much destruction. Jinx’s physique really hasn’t changed much from when she was still that scrawny, crybaby mouse who was always following her big sister. But when you have Shimmer, oh…so many possibilities! (・`ω´・+) No amount of belts, buckles and restraints can hold her back. And they’re all included in this sculpt, to hold all the ammo her Psycho Arsenal needs. Take a look at the shiny bullets, how they glint in the flames!
Myethos Jinx figure explosion
Jinx is expected to launch in June 2022, so pre-order today! With the second season of the series expected only in 2023, we’ll need something to look forward to. I’ll give you to the count of…
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Hehe, just joking. You still have about 200 days. (๑・ω-)
We hope you enjoyed this one!
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