A blue butterfly told me the Dimensional Witch comes!

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Welcome to the Solaris Blog! ヾ( ʚ̴̶̷  .̫ ʚ̴̶̷ )ノ”
As you were admiring a certain butterfly perched atop some roses, a black swallowtail catches your eye as it flutters by. Each delicate wing beat blows the heavy scent of tobacco and incense on your face, and you start to remember those days of your hateful 19-year old self.
Is this... a dream? (O O;)
xxxHolic - Ichihara Yuuko - China Dress Statue Series - 1/7 - China Dress ver.
This walk down a cherry-blossom-lined lane is brought to you by EmonToys! xxxHolic’s Ichihara Yuuko lounges provocatively on a wooden chaise longue, wearing an elegant combination of silk and lace.
xxxHolic GIF
The soft blue hues and butterfly theme remind us of the outfit she wore in the OVA! Though this time she wears a Chinese dress, which helps bring out the smug Witch of Dimensions we love!
Ichihara Yuuko Chinese Dress Figure
Colored smoke billows all around her, partially covering her smirk – she knows that you’re not here by mere accident. The wish-granting shop is not a place where you can simply “just look.” The shopkeeper herself is quite the sight for sore eyes! (`*ω*´)
Yuko Ichihara GIF
When you finally manage to stop staring at her face, your gaze wanders towards the many butterflies that adorn her. The colorful and almost hypnotic patterns of their wings seem to move with every gentle beat. Where a cigarette usually sits there is now a butterfly, perching daintily. Another sits close to her ear, as if whispering all your secrets to her. Have Maru and Moro been transformed into butterflies, I wonder?
Yuko Ichihara Bustier closeup
A third large one rests on her… oh. චᆽච 
It’s a trap . *(۞_۞)* 
That’s just lingerie. I should have known, as that is Yuuko’s trademark style. Pretty much all of her wardrobe has generous openings on the chest area. A Chinese dress would be no exception!
Well, if I had such an opulent set, I would show it off too. The lace pattern on her bra is reminiscent of a monarch’s wings. The detail repeats on her stockings as well, revealed by the very deep opening on her qipao.
Qipao Yuko closeup
Which, I should add, is perfectly sculpted and shaded to simulate silk. See how it folds and bunches just slightly where she sits, and how it drapes over the thigh, just about to roll off completely.
xxxHolic - Ichihara Yuuko - China Dress figure back
Loose in front, but taut behind; her lounging pose pushes the fabric tightly against her back, so much that you can distinguish the shape of her shoulder blades, the curve of her spine on her lower back and the gentle curve of her hips.
From this angle you can also distinguish the tattoos on her upper arm, each one having a different side of a butterfly. Yuuko’s long and raven hair loops behind her ears, with each hoop widening until they escape the hair clip and just flow down like dark, lazy streams.
Chair closeup
The chair looks so good that my mind glitched for a brief moment. The intricate sculpt and well-executed shading made me wonder if it was indeed made of wood, especially when you look at the curls on the feet.
I can’t see how a *wooden* chaise longue can be comfortable, though. ☆⌒(>。<) Less padded bums would suffer against the hard surface.
Yuko figure closeup
As Yuuko says it herself, there are no coincidences in life. The reason why you found yourself in her shop today is because… she’s coming to our own shop!
Yuko Ichihara xxxHolic GIF
Yuuko will be landing at the store at the end of April 2022. As announced on our Instagram a couple of weeks ago, she’s on an Early Bird promotion! You only have so long before the 18% discount fades away… So, pre-order today!
Yuko GIF
Until next time! ౦0o 。 (‾́。‾́ )y ~~

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