Birds of Prey and the fantabulous renditions of two Harley Quinns!

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The Maiden of Mischief has arrived at our store, and she is all about that mischief. (″ロ゛) Hide your egg sandwiches, because she’s had enough of Puddin!
Today we’ll look at two renditions of Harley Quinn: the scale Kotobukiya and the Nendoroid.
Harley Quinn ARFTXJ
First, let’s take a look at Kotobukiya’s: they breathe life into the likeness of Margot Robbie in this amazing scale figure! She strikes a power stance just before kicking butt in her debut as her new, emancipated self. It’s Harley. fucking. QUEEN! ヽ(・∀・)ノ
Harley Quinn ARTFX J figure
Anyone getting Kill Bill vibes? Maybe it’s the gold leather jumpsuit. But don’t be fooled, she’s no one’s bride anymore. Single and proud of it, Harley wears the harlequin diamond motif on her mallet and as a tattoo on her right arm. Diamonds, the only ones who are truly, truly, a girl’s best friend. (⌬̀ ⌄ ⌬́)
Harley Quinn Birds of Prey ARTFX J figure
Fashion-wise, I don’t think this jumpsuit does her backside any justice, especially after what we saw in Suicide Squad. But who cares? It’s not her butt you should be watching… it’s yours.
Harley Quinn Birds of Prey ARTFX J figure face closeup
The pink velvet bralette reminds me of the dark days when Juicy Couture was a thing.
( >︹<) yeah, just the flashbacks are enough to make me shudder… maybe even more than the harm Harley can cause. That hideous fashion trend scarred a generation.
Combine that with Harley’s naturally bubbly and straight up psychopathic personality and you have the most lovable, despicable chaotic neutral chick you’ll ever meet. Someone you want to be friends with, but also super-freaking-scared of getting on her wrong side.
That undergarment is a constant throughout the movie, covering the “Daddy’s Lil Monster” tattoo above her broken heart like a Hello Kitty band-aid.
Harley Quinn ARTFX J side
Of course, they’re secured by straps, because you gotta take care of the girls!
Birds of Prey Harley Quinn figure closeup
Eyes are up here, though. And what killer eyes! Love the hairstyle, too. Pigtails are quintessential Harley Quinn, but short and messy, styled to her preference and for best performance when fighting. A rebranding, if you may call it that.
Personally, I prefer Harley’s smile, which I find the Nendoroid does best:
Harley Quinn Nendoroid Birds of Prey
There is merit to both expressions; I believe Kotobukiya wanted to emphasize that “badass broad” look, which is totally the essence of Harley, while Good Smile Company leans toward the cute, as it is with all Nendoroids.
But I find that the appeal of this character is how she can manifest her twisted core with rainbows, velvet and sequins, and put the “hot” in “hot mess”. Sort of like some street haute couture.
Which brings us to the Nendo! What she doesn’t have in realism she makes up for in accessories and infinite possibilities.
Harley Quinn Nendoroid Birds of Prey
She can strike a power stance,
she can whack you on the head,
break your nose in roller derby,
wanna play Russian roulette?
OK, that was kind of cheesy. 6-months-out-of-date cheesy. But good enough for Harley
(・ω -*)
Harley Quinn Nendoroid
The Nendo actually does a good job of the details it did keep, such as the jewelry and the tattoos. The harlequin motif seems to have changed from tattoo to bracelet, but it’s worn as one, without the pretension to be like ink. In fact, I find that this accessory sort of pays homage to the Harley Quinn of the video games, with her red and black color scheme.
The shading on her pigtails is also more intense, but you’d think that they would keep the color of the bralette just as bright as it was in the movie. Either way, it still looks good; that pink has a sweeter, bubblegum hue to it, and as the candyholic that I am, I dig that too!
Which one would you choose? Badass Kotobukiya or Chaotic Nendo?
We hope you enjoyed this one! You’d better. ಠ-ಠ)
Until next time ヾ(^∇^)

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