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Continuing with the Fate/Stay 15th anniversary theme, today’s Early Bird special is the “one and true heir of Arthur Pendragon,” Mordred!
Fate/Grand Order - Mordred - 1/7 - Saber, ~Clarent Blood Arthur~ (Good Smile Company)
The boastful Knight of Treachery is as fitting a continuation as Fate/Grand Order and Apocrypha series are to the original Fate/Stay Night. Wilder, bolder, and braver, it shows how the franchise evolved to be the phenomenon it is now!
Though many are steadfast in their loyalty to Saber ☾ ♛ ◡ ♛ ☽, the Saber of Red is also worthy of respect. Not only is she extremely powerful, she also has an undying spark of principle underneath the heavy armor, the larger-than-life attitude, the obsession with her father, and the ultra-skimpy casual outfit. None of those are mutually exclusive traits, and Mordred proves it!
Mordred 2
In this dynamic figure by Good Smile Company, she swings the Radiant Sword Clarent to deliver a powerful blow to her opponent. Even the ground collapses under the impact of her burst attacks! Be it in the streets of London, at the Yggdmillennia manor in Romania, or in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, every timeline that had the (mis)fortune of summoning Mordred was granted a devastating display of power.
Because of that, I'm pretty sure her Saber class is inherited, aspirational, or stolen (just like her weapon and title). Mordred fights with the abandon of a Berserker type, bulldozing everything in her path with brute force and the weight of her temper.
Mordred 3
Her connection to the King of Knights is pretty obvious, however. It is refreshing to see Saber's semblance with such a furious expression! The contrast between Arturia's steady resolve and Mordred's explosive attitude is as beautiful as it is tragic.
Mordred Radiant Sword
The figure comes with the empowered version of the Radiant Sword, with blood-red lightning coiling from the hilt all the way up to the tip. The blade is also infused with color: a deep royal blue is overcome by Mordred's crimson rage, flowing upward as her ability charges. 
Mordred back
Let's also take a moment to admire her armor design. While Saber's is mainly armor plates over her dress, Mordred's is *pure* armor with a vague similarity to a dress. The king can wear silks and furs; her best, most daring knight will go fullmetal. I personally love how in this figure her skirt alludes to crinoline with the steel bands connecting the skirt plates!
We don't get her helm in this figure, however. That seems to be a feature exclusive to resin kits, nendos, and figmas (which are causing a ruckus at the store; go check them out...please
(* ̄∀ ̄) )
Mordred 6
Admittedly, even if the helm came with the set, I wouldn't use it. Mordred's face and flowing spiky hair are half the action in this figure!
She would actually look great displayed side by side with this Triumphant Excalibur figure, re-enacting their clash at the Battle of Camlann!
Saber vs. Mordred
Hah, you saw it too, didn’t you? ( ͡>⌣  ͡●)
Despite her fickleness, the Usurper will (crash) land at our store in September 2022. She's currently being offered at a discount, but not for much longer. Early birds can be as evasive as a swallow, so pre-order today to save 18%!
Until next time!ヾ(^∇^)

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