The crusader of house Dustiness walks the streets of Axel: Oiran Darkness has arrived!

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The sun will set soon. In an alternate reality, the Flower District of Axel lights up when the night comes. In the procession of dusk beauties is Dustiness Ford Lalatina, better known by her alias, Darkness.
Konosuba Darkness Oiran Ver. Kadokawa main
This figure is the second one released by Kadokawa in the oiran series. Earlier this year we saw the arrival of Megumin in crimson kimono. (✧∪✧)
Konosuba Megumin Oiran Ver. Kadokawa
The choice of camellias as the motif for a January release has some meaning behind it; the red flowers bloom in the heart of Japanese winter. Now as spring nears we get to watch daisies in a golden sunset with Darkness! We can barely wait for Aqua to show up and soothe our aching bodies with her healing magic. I wonder if she’ll show up in the summer sometime?
Darkness oiran closeup
The girls have their best assets on display: while Megumin shows off with a short kimono and deep colors, Darkness steals the show with a stride that would make anyone’s imagination run wild. (ʘ௰ʘ)
Less is more; effortless elegance is the mark of a mature woman! And maturity is what makes this crusader worthy of walking in front of the procession. She knows how to awe the bystanders and needs no magic or explosions to do so; her knightly aura is amplified by her natural beauty. That is the secret to her mystifying presence.
Darkness oiran 2
The fabric gently drapes off her shoulder just far enough to show her ample bosom. Her hair accessories dangle with her accentuated swagger. The last remnants of daylight warmth are drained into her kimono; the red ribbon is an invitation to rest with her for the night.
Darkness oiran 3 behind
She wears the colors of nightfall, stepping in sync with the slow movement of the dying sunlight. Daisies float in her wake, dancing in the evening breeze to the paced rhythm of the shamisen and the bells. I really like how in this figure her hair is a more natural blonde. It matches the color and the gradient of her clothes quite well!
Darkness oiran 4
The night sky follows dusk closely; Darkness wears purple robes under her vespertine finery, a mark of her nobility. Her hands are not bare, however. She still wears gloves, because despite the delicate attire, she is still on duty. A crusader is always on duty.
She may be looking pretty vulnerable without her armor, but we all know that beneath the softness of her femininity is the battle-hardened soul of a warrior!
Years of training and an… incredibly high tolerance to pain… (´∀`;) make Darkness a most stunning paradox of purity and strength. I wouldn’t be surprised if the umbrella that she holds actually hid a sword.
Darkness oiran 5
The job of shielding the taiyuu from the elements is traditionally assigned to a man. However, in this universe, there is no one that can match the selflessness of the daughter of Dustiness house. She is the inspiration of paladins and crusaders wherever she passes, and solace for weary eyes when the night falls. Where else can you hire such a glamorous and (somewhat) competent guard?
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I just wanted to say as a happy fan of Darkness, I love the design/description you guys gave her here. I might even have to get her my self ;) 10/10

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