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You see, I’m not exaggerating when I say figures are a work of art. Them being made of PVC and sold to the common people at fairly affordable rates doesn’t make them any less than what is displayed in museums! In fact, I would be so bold as to say that the only thing separating your shelf from the halls of galleries is just time! Because I’m sure you put just as much thought and care put into the curation of your collection. (๑・ω-)
The figure we will look at today is so gorgeous that it should be displayed in museums: Myethos’ Cup of Eternal Solid Gold!
National Treasure - Cup of Eternal Solid Gold - 1/7 (Myethos)
Seriously, it should have an exhibition of its own, because this Hong Kong-based company makes showpiece after showpiece! (☆ω☆*)Last year, they released the moe-fied version of a silver sachet that belonged to famous imperial consort Yang Guifei.
National Treasure - Silver Sachet with Grape Flower and Bird Pattern - 1/7 (Myethos) 
This treasure of a cutie is available at our store, so go check her out!
Keeping with the National Treasure theme, the next relic Myethos is bringing to life is the Cup of Eternal Gold! Inspired by an auspicious artifact of the Qing dynasty, this golden bishoujo is a stunning interpretation of an ancient piece.
Myethos Cup of Eternal Solid Gold figure
Only Myethos could add so much soul to an ancient artifact. (◕o◕) The original is not without its merits, however; the cup that inspired her is no less resplendent. Currently housed in the Forbidden City, it is made of pure gold and encrusted with abundant pearls, rubies, sapphires, and pink tourmalines.
Cup of Eternal Solid Gold artifact
 The Cup of Eternal Solid Gold has the gravitas that is the prerogative of an imperial article. It proudly bears its name on the rim, an element that was reproduced in fine detail on the figure’s headpiece, with a few embellishments to make her look more delicate.
Myethos Cup of Eternal Solid Gold figure headpiece
If Myethos could make her out of solid gold and real jewels, I bet it would confuse the archaeologists of the future. Which one is paying homage to the other? I would love to see that happen! ψ( ` ∇ ´ )ψ
Myethos National Treasure figure overhead view
Her long, flaxen hair cascades like silk from her swirly buns. The spiral motif is repeated throughout the figure, from her headpiece to the designs on the base.
Myethos Cup of Eternal Solid Gold figure outfit detail 
Where there are curls there are also gems. This bishoujo exudes opulence through every inch of her dainty figure! Myethos did a fantastic job recreating the splendor of real gold and the glittering of precious stones. (⌬̀⌄⌬́)
Myethos National Treasure figure details 3
The adaptation of the cup’s base into shoes almost reminds me of Alexander McQueen’s creations, yet they retain a gentle sense of grace and poise.
Myethos Cup of Eternal Solid Gold figure shading
That feeling is also present in the subtle shading of her dress, which simulates silk, and of her skin, which looks flawlessly smooth. The purple on the base and the accents on her collar helps enhance the warmth of the golden colors.
closeup National Treasure - Cup of Eternal Solid Gold - 1/7 (Myethos)
This rendition of the Cup of Eternal Solid Gold deserves a place in a museum! But until that happens, she will look just as stunning in your private collection. If anything, her presence is sure to inspire you to learn more about Chinese history!
This precious beauty is set to be released at a date as auspicious as herself, at the end of 2021. Pre-order her today! ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )
We hope you enjoyed this one!
Until next time! ヾ(^∇^)

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