Soak up the sun with this seaside Original Character!

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Thermometers are going up and up and up. The beat of the bossa picks up in cafes across the country and becomes an upbeat choro. As the heat rises with the coming of summer, you begin to dream of blue waters and white sand… (´-ω-`)
At the seaside Union Creative main
And walking beside you is this seaside belle, rushing to the ocean like waves rush towards the shore. If the girl from Ipanema were in an anime, this would be the main character. Great Tom Jobim’s song plays from the ocean view cafe by the beach:
♬♪ Olha que coisa mais linda, mais cheia de graça,
É ela menina que vem e que passa
Num doce balanço a caminho do mar…♪ ♬
(  ・ὢ・  )
One mark of a great figure is the emotions it evokes and Union Creative has worked their magic to translate U35 (Umiko)’s 2D artwork into 3D and surprise us with a seaside dream!
At the seaside illustration
Check out the illustrator’s page for more snapshots of this original character. Umiko’s works make you feel refreshed just by looking at them! This bishoujo carries the sun in her bright smile; you can’t help but long for a tropical holiday, somewhere in Okinawa!
At the seaside closeup
The sculptors, too, excelled in their work! The original illustration is a very dynamic scene: she’s mid-skip, with skirt, hair and ribbons aflutter. She’s on the descent part of her jump. How do I know? Well, if you weren’t already, take a look at her chest: the straps are floating. Compare it to Umiko’s artwork and you will see that this detail is present there as well!  (❀◦◡◦)
At the seaside dress closeup 1 
The wind unfurls her skirt like the petals of a tropical bloom; I can almost hear the gentle rustling of linen in the wind. (˘꒡˘ ) Every fold and frill follows the gentle curve of her youthful body, bringing the figure to life.
Series and games adopt the beach/swimsuit aesthetic for an episode or two, but this character was born in it, molded by it.
At the seaside back 1
She is the product of the marriage between sapphire waters and pearly sands. From certain angles, she even looks like a bird taking flight, a young gull rushing to the water, her pure white wings spreading to embrace the sky.
at the seaside gif
The sculpt was made so it looks good from all angles. There is no better way to see that other than having her in your hands. Until she lands in our store, here is an example of what she will look like from different directions. Twirling like this she looks like a ballerina; if the Little Mermaid were a ballet, this would be the scene where she discovers her new legs!
At the seaside dress closeup 2
Unlike with a ballerina, however, you can look at her feet.They are soft and smooth, having known only the gentle caress of the waves in afternoon seaside strolls… _へ__(‾◡◝ )>
ocean gif
♬♪ When she walks she’s like a samba
That swings so cool and sways so gently… ♪♬
At the seaside back 2
This barefoot beauty balances daintily on a sand-colored base. It is a thoughtful touch, because sometimes bases fail in their attempt to be invisible. The edges of acrylic bases catch the light, which can ruin the aesthetic of more delicate pieces such as this one.
At the seaside main 2
We’ll see this aestival Venus emerge at the end of June 2021, so pre-order today!
Somewhere beyond the sea… she’s there, waiting for you!
Until next time! (✿´꒳`)ノ°

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