One perfect summer day in Aincrad, I met you…

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Holiday season rush getting you down lately?ヽ(≧n≦)ノ Yeah, me too. The snow and the lights make for great scenery, but the cold and the pressure of the coming holidays sometimes gets to me. Luckily, we’re otaku! And when this world is not what we want, we can always hop into another one. ᕕ(⌐□ل͜□ )ᕗ
In Aincrad, the weather is always nice! But sometimes it’s nicer than usual. In such optimal settings, the only logical thing one can do is lay down on the grass for a bit…and nap. (´-ω-`) zzZz
Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/7 - Day Off in Aincrad (beBOX)
BeBOX immortalizes that perfect day in this beautiful figure of Sword Art Online’s #1 waifu, Asuna! You’re on guard duty, fellow player! This battle maiden is weary from the struggle to get out of this virtual cage, and she deserves rest. (︶。︶✽)
Her release was announced just ahead of the release of the franchise’s new movie, Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night. This new timeline, which goes a lot more in-depth compared to the events of the SAO anime series, breathes some fresh air into a classic isekai favorite!
BeBox Asuna 1
She wears her Knights of the Blood Oath uniform that fans out on the grass. Take a moment to admire the gentle curves *of the fabric* around her hips. (≖︿≖✿ )
Her hair, too, is a little disheveled as it wraps around her rapier. “Can she let her guard down around this mysterious solo player?” she wonders, looking up at the perfectly blue sky above.
SAO Asuna figure
The shading of her hair is masterfully done. Warmth emanates from this figure, with its red and pink color palette, like the sky at sunset.
Asuna figure closeup BeBox
The Lambent Light can remain sheathed for now. The afternoon is waning, and this perfect weather will fade with it. Asuna’s expression is relaxed, almost wistful. Soon she will doze off until sunset…
...and wake up feeling like she’s slept for one thousand years. (⊙_☉) She may be a skilled combatant, but she’s lacking points in power napping! But it will come to her, eventually. As long as she is with Kirito, the guild’s second-in-command will eventually learn how to let up a bit.
Asuna Day Off in Aincrad figure base
If the grass looks like it may be too uncomfortable (or too unworthy) of her carefully sculpted body, you can also display her on her original base. BeBOX gave her a nice, plush cushion to lie on. It’s pure white, like her maiden heart!
Asuna BeBox closeup 2
Asuna is scheduled to ship out in September 2022, right when summer in Japan is arguably at its best. While you long for warmer days, why not pre-order her and prepare for when the weather is at its most optimal setting again? 。◕‿‿◕。
And if you want something a little more affordable, more immediate, but no less high quality, take a look at these Pop Up Parades by Good Smile Company! ヘ(* 。* ヘ)
SAO Kirito Asuna Pop Up Parades
SAO’s power couple Asuna and Kirito are scheduled to launch at the end of January 2022! Pre-orders are open now, so don’t waste any time. Put the NerveGear on and we’ll see you back in Aincrad! \( ^ω^\ )
We hope you enjoyed this one!
Until next time! ヾ(^∇^)

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