Stock Status & Pricing

The stock status and prices of items on our web site are automatically updated daily. In rare cases the stock status or price displayed on our website can be inaccurate. This means some items that are shown as available on our website may actually be sold out. Customers will be contacted if this happens.


The shipping weight and release date for pre-orders is based on the estimates and information from the manufacturer. In some cases, the actual product weight or release window might differ from the initial estimate. Customers will be notified if this happens. All orders containing pre-orders will be shipped once all items have been released.

Some pre-order items may be announced with pre-order bonuses. Information about the items or their quantity are based on estimates from the manufacturer and might differ from the initial information. In cases where pre-order bonus items are not mentioned in the English product title, pre-order bonus items will be provided on a first come, first served basis as long as stock is available.

As our payment gateway currently does not support delayed payments, pre-orders must be payed upfront. 

Processing Time

All orders placed with us are usually processed within 72 hours (3 business days). The processing time is independent from the shipping method. If for some reason we are not able to prepare your order for shipping within 72 hours, we will contact you via email. Please note that Japanese holidays do not count as business days, as most companies and services don't operate. All our orders are dispatched as soon as all items are available.

Shipping Times

The shipping times displayed on our website are average durations in business days, based on our experience. Please note that the order processing time of 72 hours is separate from the shipping time (see Processing Time for more information). In some cases, shipments can take longer, especially during high seasons like Christmas. 
As the shipping is not a service of Solaris Japan but the postal services, delays during shipping do not give right to any kind of compensation, suspension or cancellation.

If a shipment is taking considerably more time than usual (over 2 weeks for Express, or 3 weeks for Regular, 10 weeks for Seamail), please have your tracking number handy and get in touch with your local post office. Sometimes the tracking status doesn't get properly updated even though your shipment is already at the post office or stuck at customs inspection (see Customs for more information).

Holiday Seasons: When placing orders during the holiday seasons (both Japanese and global), we ask that customers please keep in mind that both processing and shipping estimates can increase.   Therefore, if you are hoping to receive your order by a specific date, we suggest doubling the provided estimates to be on the safe side.

Merging Orders

If you have more than 1 open order with us, we can combine the shipping and dispatch the orders in 1 shipment. Please contact our customer support as soon as possible at to prevent orders already being sent out separately.

Splitting Orders

We can send items of your order separately if you wish. Please note that additional shipping might apply in this case. Please contact our customer support at if you need to split your order. 

Condition Ratings

Solaris Japan uses the following system to rate the condition of pre-owned items:

5 Star Rating: Near mint condition with little to no signs of usage
4 Star Rating: Very good condition with minor signs of usage
3 Star Rating: Good condition with some signs of usage
2 Star Rating: Average condition with several signs of usage or damage
1 Star Rating: Very used condition with obvious signs of usage or damage


There is no import duty or tax on games or toys for customers in the US. In many other countries, customers will have to pay import tax and possibly other additional fees, like carrier handling charges. All fees surrounding the import of goods are charged by your country's government. For that reason, these fees are not eligible to any kind of compensation by Solaris Japan. Import fees are the sole responsibility of the customer. 

Customs authorities may open packages for inspection and ask for additional paperwork, like proof of payment. In some cases, the customs authorities fail to notify the addressee about their shipment being held in customs for inspection. After the storage period of usually 2 weeks, the shipment will be sent back to us as "not claimed by addressee". Please see Undelivered shipments for further information.

Solaris Japan sends out a notification once a shipment has arrived in customs, provided that the chosen shipping method includes tracking. We encourage our customers to keep an eye on the tracking progress and to get in touch with local customs authorities or postal services, in case the tracking does not update for a long time. Otherwise, the shipment might unintentionally be returned to us.

Undelivered Shipments

In case a shipment could not be delivered due to a wrong address, the package not being claimed or being refused by the addressee, it will be returned to Solaris Japan. To resend undelivered shipments, additional shipping fees will apply. Please refer to our Cancellation and Return Policy in case you are not interested in having your order resent. A package returned to us by the post office as undeliverable, unclaimed, or refused by the addressee is not an authorized return and as such not eligible for a refund. In addition, shipping costs will not be compensated in the case of a package returned to us by the post office as undeliverable, unclaimed or refused by the addressee. 

Lost Shipments

We ask you to keep an eye on your order’s tracking (if available) and to get in touch with your local post office if a shipment is taking considerably longer to arrive than we estimated (over 2 weeks for Express, over 3 weeks for Regular or over 10 weeks for Saver). Should this yield no results, please contact our customer support at If a package appears to have been lost, we will launch an investigation with the Japan Post in order to try and find it.
Please note that the investigation process has no fixed timeframe and can take up to 3 months to complete.

Compensations or replacements cannot be offered while an investigation is still pending or if you chose an uninsured shipping method. Reimbursements can only be issued with the same value as the declared invoice value.

Damaged Shipments

If shipments suffered from damage during transit, we ask for the customer's cooperation to file a claim with the postal services: Please take pictures before opening the package and - if possible - open it with a post office representative present. If the item is broken, please file a damage report with your local post office. Uninsured items are not eligible for reimbursement. For this reason, we recommend using shipping methods with insurance.

For damaged EMS shipments, please file a damage report with your local post office. And forward a scan of the document you receive from the post to us. We will then be able to file for insurance compensation with the Japanese Post. It is very important that you keep all packaging materials and documents of the shipment. Please make sure to not throw these away.

For damaged Registered SAL Small Packet / Air Small Packet / Parcel Post shipments, all insurance compensation is handled by the customer's post office. Please contact your local post office and file the necessary forms for insurance compensations with your postal agent.

Address Changes

The address associated with your account can be changed and updated via your account page. If you need to update the shipping address of you current order, you will need to contact our support at Please double check the entered address before placing an order. The address cannot be changed after an order has been shipped. Please get in touch with your local post office in this case.