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"I ask of you: are you my Master?"

Perhaps the most popular title in the Fate/ series is Fate/Grand Order, set in 2015. This mobile game has the player take on the role of Master, who is tasked with an epic mission: fight fate and prevent humanity’s extinction.

Now, you can take the battle from your mobile screen to your shelves by recruiting your team of Fate/Grand Order figures. Our massive figure inventory includes some of the most popular Servants - like Saber, Archer, and Lancer - and Masters. With your Fate/Grand Order anime figures by your side, you can change the past and restore the future in this Grand Order!

It all started with Fate Stay Night.

This eroge visual novel began the Fate/ series and documents the tale of Shirou Emiya, who enters the Holy Grail War as a Master. Fate/Stay Night, upon its release in 2004, was an immediate hit and has since been adapted into a manga, anime, and film series.

Numerous characters from this visual novel have been transformed into amazing figurines, from scale figures to cute Nendoroids. You’ll find all of your favorite Servants.

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