Figma Figures

Figma Figures

Figma figures are the perfect way to display your favorite anime characters for anime lovers everywhere. Although the Figma series can sometimes include other characters (Michael Jackson in Thriller, anyone?), the Figma action figure lineup's focus has been highly articulated anime since its genesis. Twenty-one years after its founding, Max Factory released its first Figma PVC action figures, flying off the shelves ever since.

What Can't You Do With Figma Action Figures?

The driving philosophy behind the figma series roughly translates to "smooth posing, great looking." And what does this mean? Each action figure is uniquely designed to faithfully recreate a character's look while incorporating Figma's unique joints for unparalleled movement; the figures look beautiful, allowing you to display them in great poses easily. Our online shop stocks a huge selection of Figma figures that are highly articulated yet still beautiful to look at and allow you to place all your favorite characters in the poses you want.

Ready, Set, Pose!

Has your favorite anime character joined the Figma action figure roster? Flexible PVC action figures typically include several bonus pieces, like different facial expressions or props, and a stand for easy posing. Browse through over 300 figmas to see if you can find your favorite.

Browse Through Fan Favorites

If you need help figuring out where to start, check out some of our popular stock.

Lucina from Fire Emblem: One of the three protagonists from the series' thirteenth installment titled Awakening, Lucina is an iron-willed woman driven to prevent the disastrous future from which she came. Her figma comes with her Falchion, which can be posed both sheathed or unsheathed, her removable cape, and additional hair parts for her disguised look from the beginning of the game.

Mikasa from Attack on Titan: One of humanity's best soldiers, Mikasa is a fearsome fighter in the fight against the series' massive Titans. To pose this fighter in many memorable scenes, she includes her dual blades and Survey Corps Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, which has smoke effects and firing hooks.

Black ★ Rock Shooter: The "other self" of the series's main character, B★RS, is a formidable foe decked out with several unique parts! She can be posed with or without the blue flame over her left eye and comes with her Black Blade for battle scenes. Best of all is her included Rock Cannon, which is carefully recreated and massive!

Guts from Berserk: This figma is not for the faint of heart! From the brutally thrilling series, Berserk is a repainted version of the figma of protagonist Guts. Adorned in his heavy armor, Guts comes with both a skull helmet part and a Beast of Darkness head part, while his companion Schierke can tag along in her luminous body form. His enormous sword, Dragon Slayer, is also drenched in blood splatter, fresh and old.

Link from the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: This knight-in-training from one of the world's most recognized video game series takes his figma form. With his Master Sword and Hylian Shield, both of which can be mounted on his back, Link is ready to journey beneath the clouds to rescue his love, Zelda.

Hatsune Miku Append: This figma was the 100th figure released in the series! Based on the new set of "Append" voices for Miku and her redesign that was released with it, this figma showcases Miku's drastically more mature look. With a gorgeous gradient effect for her hair's paintwork and many removable accessories, this Miku is a milestone you won't want to miss.