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With Chainsaw Man, you must prepare for guts, gore, and garden tools. Okay, we're exaggerating. It's just a chainsaw, not a whole landscaping fleet. But we're not kidding when we say the hit Chainsaw Man anime show from artist Tatsuki Fujimoto has taken the anime world by storm with its action-packed violence and uniquely dark art style.

Fans of the Chainsaw Man hit anime series can now find favorites, like Denji or Power, in Chainsaw Man figure form!

From cute...

Despite its chibified appearance, this Nendoroid still features some impressive inclusions so you can fully recreate Denji's appearance, including his transformed head part, interchangeable chainsaw arms, and articulated jaw with an attachable tongue part.

You can find some Chainsaw Man characters in adorable Nendoroid sizes, like the main character Denji! You even get Denji's buddy Pochita so the two can be posed together.

But if a Nendoroid isn't your thing, the brand Good Smile Company has more Chainsaw Man offerings, like their price-friendly Pop Up Parade series. You can also find figmas if you're opting for something more realistic, but if you're hankering for some guts and gore...

To cut-throat

While Chainsaw Man figure pre-orders are still released or being announced, there aren't too many yet that really hit home with the series' violence. Except, of course, eStream's Shibuya Scramble offering, as usual for the brand, goes above and beyond with its imagery of Chainsaw Man.

Soaked in the viscera of his enemy, Denji stands proudly in his transformed state, geysers of blood erupting from the disfigured mass of fused bodies that serve as the figure stand. Inspired by the artwork for the first manga volume of Chainsaw Man, this figure packs a bloody punch that will impress fans.


There are still many new Chainsaw Man figures to come for Chainsaw Man, so browse our collection for any recent releases or pre-orders.

Although the popular manga series already has some fantastic options, we're excited to see what else comes out with the Chainsaw Man anime being released.

Chainsaw Man