Before You Order

Availability & Pricing

Items with an active order button are available and will usually ship within 72 hours.

Since our automated pricing system updates continuously based on

Japanese market prices, sometimes price fluctuations occur. Compensation for price drops, unfortunately cannot be offered.

Shipping fees displayed for some products are based on weight information provided by manufacturers, which in some cases, can be incorrect. If this happens, you will be contacted in regards to the difference in shipping fees.

In rare cases, items can be displayed as available, while they are in fact sold out. If this happens, you will be contacted directly.


Pre-orders are required to be paid when you place them. Unfortunately, we currently can not accept delayed or partial payments. If you order an available item together with a pre-order item, your order will be shipped once all items have become available. Shipping weights and sizes are based on estimates provided by the manufacturer prior to release. It is possible that the provided information turns out to be wrong, in which case you will be contacted by us.

Release dates and shipping weights are subject to change. The dates on the product pages will usually be up-to-date, however delayed adjustments are possible. Additionally, shipping weight can change and additional shipping costs may be due upon release of the item. 

Some pre-order items may be announced with pre-order bonuses. Information about these bonuses or their quantity are based on estimates provided by manufacturer and might differ from the initial information. In cases where pre-order bonuses are not mentioned in the English product title, they will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis as long as stock is available.

We can generally ship your pre-order shortly after the release date.