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Bakugo “Kacchan” Katsuki has known Midoriya since childhood but acts cruelly towards him once he discovers Midoriya is Quirkless. Bakugo, on the other hand, is gifted with an incredibly powerful Quirk: Explosion. This Quirk allows Bakugo to detonate his sweat, creating strong explosions that only grow more so as he sweats more.

Katsuki Bakugo is a naturally charismatic and aggressive person but also extremely arrogant and prideful. His inside voice is usually yelling, and he is constantly belittling others, causing some of his classmates to initially mischaracterize him as a villainous type with a superiority complex. Despite his harsh nature, Bakugo and his determination for victory stem from his admiration of All Might, who inspires Bakugo to be the best Hero he can be, even better than All Might himself.

My Hero Academia Bakugo Figures

Fans of this hot-headed student will enjoy the different My Hero Academia Bakugo figures we currently stock. His Nendoroid and figma include different accessories so that you can recreate many of Bakugo’s intense battle scenes. He is sure to be an explosive hit in your collection!

My Hero Academia Bakugo Katsuki