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We carry a number of My Hero Academia figures, from classmates and villains to chibi Nendoroids, both adorable and poseable. We also carry several fixed-pose My Hero Academia anime figures from lively battle scenes. Enjoy recreating many wonderful scenes from this popular series, and find your favorite hero.

“Remember for what cause you clench your fists!”

In My Hero, Academia, around 80% of the population have unique, superhuman abilities called Quirks. Thanks to these Quirks, citizens can now pursue the profession of a Pro Hero. These Heroes protect citizens from harm, whether from natural disasters or villainous Quirk users.

Midoriya Izuku dreams of becoming a Pro Hero one day but is ridiculed for his dream due to his lack of a Quirk. However, when one of his classmates is attacked by a villain, Midoriya’s heroic nature becomes apparent, much to the interest of the onlooking Pro Hero, All Might. With All Might’s help, Midoriya begins his difficult journey to becoming a Pro Hero and acquiring a Quirk.

My Hero Academia