Class 1-A gets another classmate added to the Nendoroid roster: Froppy!

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Today’s Early Bird special is Nendo Hero-in-training Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia! 
Tsuyu Front
This adorable Nendoroid has Tsuyu dressed in her Froppy Hero outfit, which has been recreated with such attention to detail. Her webbed toes, the numerous belts, her green-tinted goggles (which are removable!)...they’ve all been included! Even her deep green hair is tied behind her is a massive bowknot. 
Back of Tsuyu Nendoroid
Tsu-chan comes with three different expressions, with her first being her standard expression. This vacant looking expression is perfect for capturing Tsuyu’s moments of thought. Of course, her slightly stuck-out tongue has been included and looks incredibly cute!
Tsuyu Standard Expression
Her second expression goes beyond cute - it’s her smiling expression! Her closed eyes and flushed cheeks are just too much!! The angular shape of her mouth, even when pulled into a wide smile, maintains her froggy aesthetic. 
Tsuyu Smiling Expression
Her third expression is definitely one of the most impressive! Her battle expression shows off her Quirk, Frog, in action - her long tongue whips out from her mouth with the included removable part. Her furrowed brows only add to the intensity of her determination as she fights off villains. Make sure to pose her in combat with the included “SPLASH” text plate that comes included.
Nendoroid Frog Quirk
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My Hero Academia - Asui Tsuyu - Nendoroid #1272 No Background
“My Hero Academia welcomes another classmate to the Nendoroid lineup: the amphibious Froppy, or Asui Tsuyu! This frog-like Hero comes with three different expressions: her neutral staring faceplate, her combat faceplate, and her sweet smiling faceplate. Her Hero uniform has been recreated down to the smallest detail, while her included ‘splash’ text plate and extended tongue part let you display this student’s Quirk to the fullest. Make sure you add her to your collection!”
My Hero Academia - Asui Tsuyu - Nendoroid #1272 Release Poster
P.S. Make sure you fill up the class roster with Midoriya, Bakugo, Todoroki, and Ochaka Nendoroids! And in case they need a foe for battle, check out League of Villains leader Shigaraki

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