Trick or Miku? Celebrate Halloween with a digital diva!

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Haha, no. It’s not Halloween yet, obviously (at least not when I wrote this). But that doesn’t stop it from being a happy day! After all, a sweet, spooky figure of the world’s #1 diva Hatsune Miku is coming back — and she’s scheduled to release in October 2022! Hey, if some people start prepping for Christmas in July, who says we can’t do the same for Halloween? *⁂((✪⥎✪))⁂*
Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Trick or Miku - 2022 Re-release (Union Creative International Ltd)
Union Creative International is treating us to a chance to add this super cute figure to our Miku displays! And what a great chance this is, because with how high the aftermarket prices soared after the original release, being able to get this spooky beauty for a standard scale price is definitely a bargain! ( •̀.̫•́✧)
The figure was originally released back in 2017 as the 3D version of an awesome piece by illustrator Hidari.
Miku Trick or Treat in Ikebukuro illustration by Hidari
Their work was used as the poster for a Halloween event held in Ikebukuro in 2014, in which Crypton partnered with local venues to host a sort of “12 days of Halloween” experience culminating on the night of October 31st. Ψ(o゚∀゚o)Ψ
Other works by Hidari have been turned into lovely figures by several different makers, such as this colorful scale by FuRyu (releasing November 2022), this prize by Taito (available now), and this cheerful figure of Nessa from Fractale by Good Smile Company (also available now).
Miku and Nessa (Fractale) figures based on Hidari's illustrations
Just as Nessa seems to be floating in the air, so does Miku glide through the night, with a circle of candy following her.
🍄 🍬 🍭 🍫 ⭐
Personally, I feel this isn’t enough candy, since it represents only a fraction of what the average kid consumes on Halloween. But who knows? It may still be early. The good part of the night has only started! (๑・ω-)
Union Creative Trick Or Miku figure alternate angle
The floating pose makes for a very unique figure to add to your collection. It may take up some more space, but just like the digital diva herself, she owns whatever stage she steps onto. And a figure this cute deserves to be a centerpiece! ( ฅ `ω´ฅ)
Trick Or Miku figure closeup
This Hatsune Miku figure has an amazing level of detail. From the silvery brooch securing her cape to the delicate, frilly hem of her sleeves, everything works to make you fall in love with this pumpkin witch! I could easily get lost looking at those pretty eyes that reflect the light of dusk on Halloween… (*´∀`*)
Trick or Miku figure jack-'o-lantern detail
A grinning jack-o’-lantern leads the way through the night…oh wait, is that a jawbreaker on her finger? Kind of ominous to wear something like that as a ring. I knew Miku had a dark streak, but I had no idea it was *this* type of dark. (⌍་д་⌌ )
Also, if you happen to be a Fate/Stay Night fan, the memory of a similar candy-themed reverie could make you think this figure does have a tinge of…darkness…to it.
But I’m pretty sure this wasn’t intentional. It’s just the trauma of anime past haunting me. ( ⊃д⊂)
Union Creative Trick or Miku figure back
A little bat wraps its wings around Miku’s head, securing her twintails. ◥(ºwº)◤
Her signature gradient hairstyle fades from teal to orange, swirling behind her. Small point, but I think it’s so neat: her shoes are about to fall off her feet. It really adds to the scene, as if she were swept off her feet by the spirit of Halloween! ⊂(o◡o⊂ )∘˚˳°
Trick or Miku figure bloomers detail
A close-up on her bloomers, because they look like a pumpkin and it’s just too cute. ♡(0ω0❀)
Also, patterns galore: stripes, swirls, and polka dots all in one shot! Only Miku can make fashion faux pas look like the newest and coolest trend.
Trick or Miku downward angle
This hauntingly sweet Hatsune Miku figure is scheduled to be released in October. In order to have her arrive on time for your Halloween candy feast, you should pre-order today and take advantage of a limited-time discount at our store! And, for the spooky collectors out there who live and breathe Halloween year-round, we have a themed list featuring this Miku and more. ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )
If Halloween isn’t your favorite holiday, check out our store for other Hatsune Miku figures! From prizes to scales and Nendoroids, you will find the right Miku for the right season.
We hope you enjoyed this one!
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