Spider-Man is far from home in this new Nendoroid release!

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Today’s Early Bird special is Nendoroid Spider-Man, the first MCU Phase 4 Nendoroid to be released!
Spider-Man Nendoroid Jumping
Today, we’re taking a look at the DX version of this Nendoroid - be warned that there may be spoilers ahead!! – =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ
DX Included Parts
Spider-Man’s upgraded black and red suit from the last part of the film has been perfectly recreated. You can even attach little Web Wings to his suit to help him glide around a battle scene!
Web Wings Parts
He also includes an optional hand part so he can hold his cell phone while swinging around, just like during the post-credits scene. ˚▱˚

“Don’t text and swing.”

Swinging and Checking out the Phone
And in case Spider-Man is in need of a breather, you can display this superhero unmasked thanks to an included head part. His determined smiling expression captures Peter Parker perfectly! 
Peter Parker Unmasked
And with the DX version, you get an additional base from the battle scenes of Venice! You also get a mini Hydro-Man Elemental part that you can attach to the base, along with a mini Mysterio to fight him off.
DX Bonus Parts Mysterio and Water Elemental
And for battle scenes from later in the film, you also get a drone part that can be posed with its own support arm. Use Spider-Man’s included shooting web parts to really recreate the action of the film! 
Included Drone Part
Your Marvel collection won’t be complete without this MCU Phase 4 Nendoroid! Pre-order him today and save 17% with Solaris Japan!
Shooting Webs
“Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is ready for some travel with this Far From Home Nendoroid release! His red and black suit has been perfectly shrunk down, while you can pose him masked or unmasked thanks to an additional head piece. The DX version also includes a mini figure of Mysterio and of Hydro-Man, which can be posed on a customizable display base. A drone from the final scenes of the film is also included. Add him to your collection!”
Spider-Man: Far From Home - Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Nendoroid #1280-DX - Far From Home Ver. Release Poster

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