The Little Briar Rose sleeps...

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A little blue bird flew in today to tell us a tale of a princess in a land far, far away, born to a king and queen who wished earnestly for a daughter.
Some legends say she was a blessing from a grateful fish, others say her birth was heralded by a frog. At her christening, she was bestowed eleven virtues and one curse by the wise women of the kingdom. The burden of her fate was made lighter by the blessing of the last wise woman, who reduced irreversible death to a hundred-year slumber.
Myethos 1/8 Sleeping Beauty
Myethos is releasing the 8th character on its FairyTale -Another- series! Not long ago we saw the release of cheeky Cheshire Cat, part of the Wonderland roster.
Myethos FairyTale -Another-
(The Cat and the White Rabbit are having a tea party at our store, by the way. You should check them out!~(=^‥^ )_旦~)
Earlier still we saw the release of the Little Mermaid, a piece with stunning action and emotion! She is part of the true fairy tale pantheon, along with Red Riding Hood and Snow White.
FairyTale -Another- series 2
The Little Briar Rose is enchanting in her own, innocent way. So far the figures in the series have been full of movement, brimming with attitude. Sleeping Beauty, however, charms us with the sweet stillness of a princess asleep.
ASK Illustration
Illustrator ASK did an amazing job of capturing the essence of the original German tale. The figure portrays that sweet moment right before the climactic awakening, just at that moment when the Prince finds a girl “so beautiful that he could not turn his eyes away.”
Sleeping Beauty basket
Her bed is a woven basket, and her dress looks like a rose with how delicately it drapes and curls at the hem. She rests her head on a satin bow. These details offer glimpses of a convergence with another fairy tale, that of Thumbelina.
Sleeping Beauty basket back
But we know we are still in the Grimm realm, thanks to the curious critters that approached her to better admire her beauty. A squirrel scurries down the handle while two bunnies stare in awe, unafraid. (。´•ㅅ•。)(˵•́ x •̀˵U)
Sleeping Beauty closeup
She smiles in the tender embrace of a restful sleep, as pure as the white rose she holds. Vines have been stretching out slowly over one hundred years to caress her face. The crown of thorns only adds to the saintly appearance, making for a beautiful contrast of sharp and soft textures! She may seem peaceful, but this is a curse, after all...
Sleeping Beauty ballet slippers
 In her dreams she waltzes through the stage of Tchaikovsky’s ballet. Delicate pointe shoes with flowers at the ankle dangle out of the basket like two dainty stamens. Take a moment to admire the silky shimmer on her dress, how it reflects the soft light of an enchanted grove!
Sleeping Beauty last
The Early Bird gets the worm, so pre-order now to save 18%! The sleeping princess will soon wake; you wouldn’t want to miss such a sight, would you? (๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )
We hope you enjoyed this one!
Until next time! (。-‿-。)

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