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Warning: big Nanami simp post ahead. ʅ(́ ◡◝ )ʃ
Jujutsu Kaisen - Nanami Kento - Shibuya Scramble Figure - 1/7 (Alpha Satellite, eStream)
Despair. This is what adulthood is made of, at least according to Nanami Kento. And the world of JJK, just like ours, is chock full of it. The only difference being is that while in our world we derive art and pointless social media discussions from our negative emotions. \_ヘ(ω`*) In the world of JJK they get curses on top of it all. And these curses are beings with sentience, tangible form, and the will to harm.
So, in order to deal with these curses, people with the ability to see them can attend specialized schools in order to learn how to fight and exorcize them. It's not an easy path, and for the few who make it to graduation, the career ahead of them is dangerous, often unrewarding and — at times — heartbreaking.         ( ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈)
That's why Nanami himself opted out of it, despite being quite a brilliant student.
He lived among regular people, getting a well-paid job at an investment company to become just another cog in the system.
However, life in the corporate world is just as grueling, if not more so. So, as he said himself, if either way is awful, he might as well take the career path he's more suited to.
Nanami is deeply jaded, which is made even more apparent in the contrast with the happy-go-lucky Gojo Satoru (can you believe these two are the same age?). Incidentally, Gojo loves hanging out with Nanami despite the feeling not being mutual. (*ノω-)
Jujutsu Kaisen Satoru Gojo "MAPPA SHOWCASE" 1/7
(This hot 1/7 scale figure of ocean-eyes Gojo Satoru by MAPPA is currently available brand new and pre-owned on our website!)
But that doesn't stop him from being an awesome sorcerer. On top of his Grade 1 sorcerer status, he's also the record holder for successful consecutive Black Flashes landed. This is something only the cream of the crop could pull off (unless you’re the main character, that is). (*0*)
Nanami hides his great power under the modest and stoic facade of an average salaryman. His technique is all about precision of skill and of time: he can section anything, living or not, into ten parts, and select the optimal place to land a hit that will utterly destroy his target. On top of that, his binding vow limits how much of his energy is used while on the clock for Jujutsu High. As soon as he goes into overtime…shit gets serious.
Aaaand that’s exactly that epic moment that was captured in this awesome scale figure by Alpha Satellite and eStream! When the tie comes loose, the gloves come off — whatever pesky curse is keeping him at work afterhours is going to pay dearly. (ᅌᴗᅌ* )
Nanami Shibuya Scramble figure side view
Like the man himself, this scale figure is simultaneously dynamic, yet understated, with the quality that’s become standard for Shibuya Scramble figures. Nanami treads resolutely towards his doomed target, cursed energy levels spiking drastically as the boosts of his binding vows stack up.
Nanami Shibuya Scramble figure closeup
He’s so handsome when he’s angry! I will forever stare at this figure, waiting for the tie to finally come off. Notice the texture on his cerulean shirt, how it contrasts with the soft sheen of the polished silver buttons.
There is one little bit that I’m not 100% about, though, which is the fact that in his figure versions, Nanami looks a bit too young. In the original art, as well as in the manga, the salaryman sorcerer is pretty much defined by his exhausted, so-done-with-life look.(´_`;)
Jujutsu Kaisen manga Nanami Kento
His gaunt cheeks, his tired eyes and muscular hands that seem to be constantly clenched in anger are essential parts of his silver fox look. I’ll admit that not seeing in the figure what makes him so attractive is a bit disappointing. (^_^;)
Granted, I believe the smoothing of his wrinkles and tired look may be due to the fidelity to the anime instead of the manga or original art. Whatever the reason, it is more than compensated for with how well everything else is portrayed in this awesome scale figure.
Shibuya Scramble JJK Nanami figure without glasses
Take off his signature sunglasses and you’ll find the intense gaze of competence and principles! That is *exactly* like in the anime. I’m gonna need more tissues... ( ̄TT ̄)
Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Scramble Nanami product photo
Also, when the light hits it just right, his sunken cheeks do become more prominent. So they’re there, just not as visible from certain angles. (*´∀`*)
Nanami Kento Pop Up Parade and Kotobukiya ARTFX J figures
Other figure makers such as Kotobukiya (1/8 scale, releasing at the end of December 2022) and Good Smile Company (Pop Up Parade, available brand new and pre-owned) have attempted to reproduce his exhaustion, but the results were still very similar: they end up shaving off some years and stress from Nanami’s face.
Jujutsu Kaisen Nanami Kento product photo 2
Which, considering the life he’s led until now, is actually doing him a favor.
Each wrinkle represents a small despair accumulated through his adult life, and Nanami’s has plenty. Now that I am of age as well, finding more hairs on your pillow in the morning and watching your favorite bread disappear from the convenience store really makes you want to slice and dice up a curse!
Personally, I find that the Shibuya Scramble figure captures Nanami’s essence best: controlled rage and unwavering focus. Their figure is brimming with action and palpable tension!
Jujutsu Kaisen Nanami Kento figure from estream and Shibuya Scramble
Young and spry or old and jaded, he’s still one BAMF of a jujutsu sorcerer, best teacher out of the band of misfits and freaks running Jujutsu High and hottest husbando of the series IMHO (no disrespect to Gojo).  (。•̀ᴗ -)☆
So, if you are part of the Nanami simp crowd, this figure is an absolute must buy. This scale figure of Nanami Kento by Alpha Satellite will launch in September 2023. Pre-orders are currently open; don’t miss out! After all, Nanami would frown at such frivolous use of time. (◔ᴥ◔)
But if you’re not a Nanami simp like yours truly, then take a look at these Jujutsu Kaisen figures! Most importantly, check out this amazing Shibuya Scramble figure of kind-hearted stoic Inumaki Toge:
Jujutsu Kaisen - Inumaki Toge - Shibuya Scramble Figure - 1/7 (Alpha Satellite, eStream)
He will also be released at the end of September 2023, so don’t miss out on the chance to snag this sweet scale figure! ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )
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We hope you enjoyed this one!
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