Pennywise makes his Nendoroid debut just in time for Halloween!

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Welcome to the Solaris Blog! ヾ( ʚ̴̶̷ .̫ ʚ̴̶̷ )ノ”
Today’s Early Bird special is just in time for Halloween - Pennywise from the 2017 movie “IT” is now a Nendoroid! (ΟΔΟ;;)
It (2017) - Pennywise - Nendoroid #1225 Front
Pennywise comes with a number of additional parts, letting you recreate some of the most terrifying moments from the film.
It (2017) - Pennywise - Nendoroid #1225 Included Parts
There are a number of additional parts that are included so that you can recreate the opening scene from the film. The first, of course, is the little S.S. Georgie paper boat. You can change Pennywise’s hand parts so that he can hold the boat up! (;¬_¬)

“What a nice boat. Do you want it back?”

It (2017) - Pennywise - Nendoroid #1225 Holding Boat
Pennywise even comes with a storm drain enclosure, so that he can hide in the sewers as he lures his victims! ┴┤Д⊙`)
It (2017) - Pennywise - Nendoroid #1225 In Storm Drain
In order to stay true to the scene, Pennywise comes with two different faceplates: a “friendly” smiling expression with blue eyes and an attack expression with yellow eyes. When Pennywise talks to Georgie, his eyes are a light blue color; soon, though, this changes as he prepares to attack. No longer needing to lure his victim, they revert to their unsettling yellow color!

“Here, take it.”

It (2017) - Pennywise - Nendoroid #1225 Attack Expression
In addition to the sewer scene, you can also recreate Pennywise’s memorable stance in the backyard of the Well House with an included red balloon! ヾ( •́д•̀ ;)ノ

“You’ll float down here. We all float down here…”

It (2017) - Pennywise - Nendoroid #1225 Red Balloon
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It (2017) - Pennywise - Nendoroid #1225 No Background
“Pennywise the Dancing Clown, from the 2017 horror film IT, is now a Nendoroid! The clown’s cracked skin and unsettling smile have all been shrunk down into Chibi form, ready to lure his next victim. He includes two expressions: a smiling, blue-eyed expression and a yellow-eyed attack expression. You can enjoy posing Pennywise holding his signature red balloon, or hiding in the storm drains as he awaits Georgie’s arrival. Come join the clowns and add Pennywise to your collection today!”
It (2017) - Pennywise - Nendoroid #1225 Release Poster

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