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Welcome to the Outdoor Activities Club!

Published on November 23, 2021

Pre-Order Ogaki Chiaki Now!

Welcome to the Solaris Blog! ヾ( ʚ̴̶̷  .̫ ʚ̴̶̷ )ノ”
Winter is coming! And that means…winter camping season is also approaching! So let's go practice putting up a tent with the Outclub!
Our president is already waiting outside. Any volunteers to be the pole? (*・∀・)ノ゛
With the announcement of enthusiasm personified in this scale of Ogaki Chiaki by Wing, the Outdoor Activities Club is ready for another season of camping fun! One more member and we can get a bigger room for a headquarters, so will you please join us? (人゚ ∀゚)
Yurucamp - Oogaki Chiaki - 1/7 (Wing)
Our winter camping expert Shima Rin is already on site, chilling with her book. Aoi-chan helped herself to the curry before Nadeshiko got to it. You'd better hurry, because once she does, there will be nothing left. Quick, while she’s still running around!
Yurucamp Wing scale figures Nadeshiko Aoi Rin
(By the way, both Rin and Nadeshiko are releasing soon, but there’s still time to pre-order them!)
With how dynamic these figures are, it's kind of hard to believe the series is, in fact, about "laid-back" camping. While all the relaxing vibes swirl around Rin and (occasionally) Nadeshiko, when the girls from the Outclub are around, you know it’s all about the fun.
Aki-chan, the root and the heart of the club, leads with more enthusiasm than know-how at (*ahem* most of) times. But it’s OK, she’s got this! Fake it ‘til you make it! d(´o▽o`)b
Yurucamp Aki-chan thumbs up
Until, that is, you find yourself taking shelter in someone else’s tent because your equipment is inadequate for the harsh weather of remote campsites. Thank goodness for the kindness of fellow campers… (´∀`;)
Ogaki Chiaki Wing figure closeup
With a simple character design, there is more room for detail! Twintails swish around as she pulls her signature A-OK move: when your burden becomes too heavy, she’ll carry it for you — even if in the end she ends up half-dead after lugging everything uphill in one go. ༼xل͜x༽
Yurucamp Chiaki fire accessory
A Swedish fire torch is included with the figure. I don’t recommend putting a pot on top of this one, however...that wire doesn’t look like it will hold it together very long. At least not long enough to stew the curry to perfection. (っ˘ڡ˘ς)
Chiaki 1/7 figure
Aki-chan is scheduled to release at the end of February 2022, so pre-order today! Winter will be here before you can say “Mount Fuji.” Camping in this season, even if just in your room, requires some preparation! After all, a good otaku knows how to carve out a fun and comfortable space to hole up and watch the upcoming season’s anime. Pro-tip: it includes being surrounded by the figures from your favorite anime series! (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)
And if scales are beyond your reach (because let’s face it, not everyone is rich like Ena-chan ( ≧ Д ≦)), take a look at PLUM’s Yurucamp collection! We even have Nadeshiko and her lamp and Rin on her scooter on an insane deal right now. Order them today, before writer-san gets their paycheck and nabs this sweet deal instead!
Plum Yurucamp collection
We hope you enjoyed this one!
Until next time! ヾ(^∇^)

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