Momo looks sweet and sexy in this new pajama figure release!

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Welcome to the Solaris Blog! ヾ( ʚ̴̶̷  .̫ ʚ̴̶̷ )ノ”
Today’s Early Bird special is the gorgeous Momo from To LOVEru in her barely there pajamas! (˵¯͒〰¯͒˵)
To LOVEru Darkness - Momo Belia Deviluke - 1/7 - Pajama Ver. Front
The third princess of Deviluke is dressed in just her seafoam green pajama top, which has been unbuttoned and drapes off one of her shoulders. 
Unbuttoned Shirt Front View
Her exposed shoulder and torso really show off the careful attention to detail Alter’s put into this figure! The sharp lines of her collarbone, contrasted with her smooth and pale skin, look absolutely incredible. (∿°○°)∿ ︵ ǝʌol
Closeup Unbuttoned Shirt
And her skin really does have an incredibly soft look, especially when compared to the numerous fabrics of the figure. 
To LOVEru Darkness - Momo Belia Deviluke - 1/7 - Pajama Ver. Back
Take a look at her spade-tipped black tail - in addition to a stunning blend of dark red and black paints, her tail is also finished with a glossy coat that adds a distinctive look. 
Momo Tail Image
Even the pillows in front of her have been painted carefully to recreate a realistic texture and appearance! The delicate softness of these pillows has been crafted with detailed sculpting (check out the ruffled edges) and wonderful highlights in the paintwork. 
Pillows Details
And in case you’re still not sold on how detailed this figure is, check out the sculpting of Momo’s toes as she slightly flexes her right foot!
Curled Toes
One of the best parts of Momo’s figure, though, is her bright eyes and sweet smile. The gradient of purple and pink in her eyes is absolutely outstanding. Her tender smile also makes her look all the more charming and inviting! 
Face Closeup
Momo looks absolutely too cute in this phenomenal figure!
Closeup Side
Let Momo make herself comfy in your collection! Pre-order her today and save 6% with Solaris Japan!
To LOVEru Darkness - Momo Belia Deviluke - 1/7 - Pajama Ver. Release Poster

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