The battle’s not over for Levi in this new ARTFX J figure!

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Today’s Early Bird special is a new ARTFX J addition of Levi from Attack on Titan! 
Levi Fortitude GIF
This stunning 1/7th scale features the squad captain crouched on a patch of grass with one his blades drawn and the other still sheathed. He’s posed as if ready to spring back up to continue his attack! 
Overhead Closeup
The notorious clean freak is doused in generous blood effects, although his exposed blade is spotless. Even the grass beneath him is splattered with crimson spots!
Overhead View
The careful painting of the blood spray really takes this figure to another level - the difference between the different spots and splatters shows the quality and care that went into designing this figure. 
Levi Front
One area where you can really see this detail is on Levi’s omni-directional mobility gear. Not only can see the spotted blood spray painting and the fading gradient of the larger sections, but also some older, darker spots layered beneath the fresher sections. 
omni-directional mobility gear attack on titan
And the movement of his clothing has also been carefully captured. His tattered Survey Corps cloak, gently swaying behind him, has been painted with breathtaking shadows as the fabric folds with its motion. 
survey corps cloak back of figure
Matching the intensity of his sullied state, Levi’s frown and furrowed brows capture his fierce determination to protect humanity. 
face closeup front
His sharp stare really adds to the menacing look of the gruesome scene!
levi face closeup side
You’ll want to have humanity’s strongest soldier by your side - pre-order Levi today and save 17% with Solaris Japan!
main image no background
“From “Attack on Titan” comes a new ARTFX J figure of humanity’s strongest soldier, Levi! As if knocked aside during an epic battle, Levi is posed crouching with his blade at the ready. Despite his wounded state and blood-soaked clothing, Levi’s determined expression shows the battle’s not over yet. The intense action of the series is perfectly captured in this 1/7th scale figure - add it to your collection today!”
Attack on Titan: Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi - ARTFX J - 1/7 - Fortitude ver. Release Poster

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