Evileye gets a bit vampy in her new scale figure release!

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Today’s Early Bird Special is Evileye from Overlord!
Overlord III - Evileye - 1/7 GIF
Evileye’s look is based off of her artwork for the 2nd season’s Blu-Ray release. 
Overlord III - Evileye - 1/7 Overlord Season 2 Blu-Ray Cover
This new figure release focuses more on Evileye’s powerful vampiric side - her sly grin and sharp gaze really show this off! 
Overlord III - Evileye - 1/7 Front
Her outfit has been recreated wonderfully, from her tattered tights to her ragged dress. Even her worn robe is scattered about her, beautifully contrasting the bright blue rose petals littered nearby. Her hair has also been carefully painted with pearly colors and translucent effects to add a level of brilliance against the darker colors of the figure. 
Overlord III - Evileye - 1/7 Overhead
Confidently reclining, Evileye is posed holding up a fragment of her mask, partially covering her face. The detailing of the mask’s cracked edges have been carefully sculpted to look incredibly realistic and adds to the mysterious atmosphere of the figure. You can also see Evileye’s small fangs protruding over her lips!
Overlord III - Evileye - 1/7 Closeup
Her mask is removable, so you can choose to pose her without it if you’d like!
Overlord III - Evileye - 1/7 No Mask
Fans of Overlord won’t want to miss this gorgeous new figure release. Pre-order her today and save 18% with Solaris Japan!
Overlord III - Evileye - 1/7 No Background
“Evileye, from the hit series Overlord, is a gorgeous new 1/7th scale figure! Based on her illustration by so-bin, Evileye is posed showing off her more serious and powerful vampire side. Pearl paints add a luminous quality to her flowing blonde locks while her outfit provides darker tones to the figure. Her mask is also removable, so she can be posed with it on or off. Add this Blue Roses adventurer to your collection today!”
Overlord III - Evileye - 1/7 Release Poster

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