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Today’s Early Bird special is a little different from our normal offerings because it’s not an anime figure! 😱
Instead, today we feature a gorgeous 1/350th scale figure of Tower of the Sun, the highlight sculpture/building from Expo ‘70.
Tower of the Sun - 1/350 (Kaiyodo) Front
Expo ‘70 was the first world fair ever held in Asia, and Japan saw it as a pivotal moment in its history as the future of the country’s role in technological advancements (this world fair is where Japan debuted the shinkansen and the first mobile phone prototypes!).
Tower of the Sun - 1/350 (Kaiyodo) Original
With the spirit of the event in mind, Artist Taro Okamoto designed the tower behind the concept of the past, present, and future. The future sits at the apex of the building, a gilded steel plate that stares directly ahead, symbolizing the high hopes for Japan. While now defunct, the eyes of the future would also light up, as if a beacon of hope for the auspicious country.
Tower of the Sun - 1/350 (Kaiyodo) Golden Mask
Symbolizing the present is a sun-shaped face who sits at the very center of the building as the core of its energy, his mouth crooked and face intersected by a ray of sunlight.
Tower of the Sun - 1/350 (Kaiyodo) Sun
From behind, the third face is revealed. This face, the past, is a black sun whose hollow eyes pierce through the darkness.
Tower of the Sun - 1/350 (Kaiyodo) Back
This figure’s fidelity to the actual building is breathtaking. The grainy texture of the tower is mimicked perfectly and its overall impression matches wonderfully.
Tower of the Sun - 1/350 (Kaiyodo) In Hand
This figure will be an unconventional, yet stunning addition to any collection!
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Tower of the Sun - 1/350 (Kaiyodo) Release Poster
“The Tower of the Sun, created by Taro Okamoto, is an icon of the 1970 World Expo held in Osaka, Japan. This sculpture embodies the fast growth of Japan at the time and still stands today in Osaka for visitors to see. This figure is 1/350th scale and has been carefully designed to recreate the original, with the body of the sculpture roughly textured and the golden mask at the top of the sculpture a visualization of the future. This figures measures at 22cm tall and is perfect for displaying! Get yours now and inject some modern Japan design into your collection!”

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