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Evangelion Kaworu Figure

"Thank you. I'm glad I met you."

Kaworu Nagisa, a mesmerizing figure in the Evangelion ensemble, doesn't show up until later in the series, but that doesn't stop him from being a major character in the anime's story. Drawn to Shinju, Kaworu Nagisa is an incredibly mysterious character drawn in by Shinji's downhearted personality. While the two bond quickly, Kaworu's charm and inscrutable demeanor work to obscure his true nature.

Suppose you've been entranced by Kaworu's enigmatic allure, and let's face it. In that case, you're not alone (he was voted the second most popular male anime character of the 90s); let's explore the realm of Nagisa Kaworu figures: the ultimate way to bring this captivating character to life! As a Neon Genesis Evangelion fan, you're in for a treat if you have a soft spot for this celestial presence.

Kaworu Nagisa Figures: A Diverse Array of Choices

Fans of Kaworu can find a fun lineup of figure options to heighten your Evangelion collection. You can find plenty of options with Kaworu Nagisa sporting his casual clothes or even his plugsuit; one's where he seems battle-ready, but others where he maintains his mysterious charm and wistful expressions. There's a nice selection of different styles that pay homage to his appearances in the anime.

But if you don't mind switching things up, there are many fun options you can pick from. One of our favorites is the Radio Eva lineup, which gives major Evangelion characters a streetwear makeover. Kaworu Nagisa has been the lucky recipient of not just one but two streetwear-styled figures, which are worth checking out.

But suppose you're looking for something a little cuter. In that case, you can never go wrong with Nendoroids: their chibi appearance and numerous accessories make the perfect addition for new and seasoned collectors. For an even cuter version of Kaworu, consider his Look Up figure. Meant to be posed atop your open palm, this figure of Kaworu is extra cute.

Whether you're brand new to the figure hobby or a veteran collection, Nagisa Kaworu figures are essential for Evangelion fans. Display them alongside other characters like Rei and Asuka, and bring his mysteriously captivating presence to your collection!

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Evangelion Kaworu Figure