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“I am neither false nor fake. I am simply me.”

While the entirety of Evangelion is quite enigmatic, Rei Ayanami is emblematic of this theme. But her aloof and seemingly withdrawn personality begins to blossom more for viewers as the series progresses, unveiling her unique background and story. Her English voice actor described Rei Ayanami perfectly: "Rei is not totally devoid of personality. Otherwise, she would not be interesting. There is a small spark of humanity, but it is clouded by this huge sense of negative self-worth and the realization that she is expendable."

As daunting a depiction as it may paint, Rei Ayanami is a captivating character that's stolen the hearts of many Evangelion fans. Suppose you have a soft spot for the quiet and mysterious Rei Ayanami. In that case, you'll want to check out her many anime figures — they perfectly capture her ethereal beauty and reflective nature, and that little touch of Rei intrigues her.

Rei Ayanami anime figure

Regarding Rei Ayanami figures, there's something for every mood and style you can imagine — well, almost. For example, you can find her in her iconic white plug suit, decked out in some streetwear, or, one of our favorites, sporting her long hairstyle seen in Rebuild of Evangelion. Her delicate features and serene expressions are captured perfectly in figure form, as the perfect reminder that behind her quiet exterior lies a force to be reckoned with.

And while Rei Ayanami's beauty is worth adding to your collection, you can also find some options on the more adorable side of things, aka chibi-fied Reis, that will melt your heart. Think Nendoroid — big eyes and head, adorable poses, and sweet little accessories to tie it all together.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting your figure journey, Rei Ayanami figures are an absolute must-have for any Evangelion fan. No matter what draws you to Rei Ayanami, be it her mysterious aura or her hidden strength, or even if you simply want an adorable version of this iconic character, there's a Rei Ayanami figure waiting for you. Embrace your love for this beauty and bring her captivating presence into your home and your collection.

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Ayanami Rei Figure