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Vocaloid Figures

Digital singers for a digital world

Yamaha began working on a bold new project at the dawn of the new millennia — the solution for all of us interested in making music but whose singing is akin to a cat in a clothes dryer. (つд⊂)

VOCALOID software synthesizes the voice into a malleable musical instrument, allowing musicians to create digital singing tracks.

While a difficult feat to achieve, the software reached its breakout moment when the character Hatsune Miku was released in 2007 by the company Crypton Future Media. Certainly not the first nor last Vocaloid character, Miku was the unforeseen catalyst to the explosion of Vocaloid characters.

Since then, more Vocaloid characters have been released and earned their own followings. These Vocaloid characters might not get as much love as the top-ranking Miku, but you can still find many Vocaloids shrunk into anime figures.

Check out some of our most popular Vocaloids and find your favorite digital idol in figure form today!