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The Straw Hat Crew is a group of pirates assembled and led by the protagonist of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy. The crew is named after their captain’s signature straw hat. Their goal is to find the hidden treasure called One Piece. The crew consists of 10 members from a variety of regions. The crew is known for being very diverse, with its members varying in age, ability, and region of origin.

Out of the ten members in the crew, four have abilities given to them by the Devil Fruit. Luffy can stretch his body like rubber, Nico can perform attacks by duplicating her arms, Brook was able to resurrect after death, and Chopper has the ability to shape-shift. Together along with the other non-Devil Fruit users, the crew rises in infamy and becomes one of the strongest in the One Piece Universe.


The Straw Hat Crew figures we stock mainly come from MegaHouse and Bandai. For the most part, each member of the crew is sold separately but can be paired with other figures to create an exciting set up that brings the One Piece universe to life.

straw hat crew

One Piece Straw Hat Crew