Trading Cards

Digimon Trading Cards

In 2020, Bandai released an all-new trading card game! This version brings back the nostalgia of the original Digimon card game but with all-new and improved gameplay.

The new game features gorgeous, great legend trading cards designed by the Japanese artist Naochika Morishita. Other talented artists on the team include Watanabe Kenji and Sasai. The game is often compared with Pokémon, but the new hyperrealistic cards are designed completely differently from the simple Pokémon ones. With each pack, the artists deliver stunning new depictions ranging from cute, to beautiful to frightening.

The Digimon CCG was released in May 2020 in Japan, but the fan community in the West had to wait until January 2021 to get their first starter deck. Since then, every booster has had a many-month delay before its Western version was released internationally. Don't want to wait for the Western releases? Get your hands on the Japanese versions right here at our store!

All New Gameplay

According to Bandai, the 2020 Digimon cards game comes with an all-new set of gameplay rules, including a memory gauge system that will "start a revolution" in card games. The memory gauge and counter are shared between the players and are used to keep track of the memory paid by each player when playing cards. Each player gets ten memories. However, if the cost of playing a trading card is greater than the memory you have left, you can enter into your opponent's side of the memory gauge. Just remember that if you use your opponent's memory, it means the end of your turn!

The decks contain three types of trading cards. Each category has a different function: Digimon/Digi-egg cards, Tamer cards, and Option cards. First, you hatch the Digi-eggs into Digimon using the Digi-egg deck. Of course, the trademarks of the Digimon games and anime are also included in the game, like the ability to digivolve your partners. Each evolution gives your partner monster a power boost. Finally, you can use your characters to launch epic attacks against your opponent.

The ultimate goal is to beat your opponent by reducing their security stack cards to zero, then finish off with a knockout blow!

History Of The Digimon Trading Card Game

The franchise began as a counterpart to the Tamagotchi, but instead of simply caring for your virtual pets, the Digital Monster game lets you battle them! The game was incredibly popular. So popular that the company has since created a global franchise of products, including manga, anime, movies, and, of course, the TCG.

The first Digimon card game was released in 1997 as packs that could be purchased from vending machines nationwide. Unfortunately, its English version contained several errors, making it difficult for the international community to accept. Bandai also changed certain features in the international release, including the gameplay.

A second game was launched in 2002 when Bandai created the  D-Tector Game as additional content for their own D-Tector virtual pet toys. Then, from February 25, 2011, to September 28, 2012, Bandai launched Digimon Jintrix, an online game with a physical release. Soon after, the mobile device game Crusader came out, lasting from December 2012 to December 2017.

Finally, in 2020, we got the latest global game and the first to feature a complete TCG tied into the Digimon universe since 1999. Fortunately, Bandai learned from their mistakes, ensuring the Japanese and English versions match perfectly.

Digimon Trading Cards