Mascot Character - Super Pochaco - 1/5 - Wedding Ver. (Souyokusha)

Super Pochaco - Mascot Character
Super Pochaco - Mascot Character
Super Pochaco - Mascot Character
Super Pochaco - Mascot Character
Super Pochaco - Mascot Character
Super Pochaco - Mascot Character

Mascot Character - Super Pochaco - 1/5 - Wedding Ver. (Souyokusha)

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Mascot Character
Souyokusha As Manufacturer
Date de sortie
21. Aug 2019
290 mm
1/5  H=290mm (11.31in, 1:1=1.45m)

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Customer Reviews

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Emily G.
My favorite pochaco

This was my first Pochaco scale figure, and she's my favorite Pochaco figure that I own overall. Her sculpt is gorgeous, I can't find any flaws. She's covered in lots of tiny details like the little flowers on the top of her veil, and her necklace that is a separate piece to the main figure, so it can move freely.

She needs very little assembly, just attaching to the base and placing the bouquet in her hand.

She is VERY solidly made, I have no concerns at all about her falling, even if I were to tackle my display case. The base is large enough to support her properly, without being super oversized and taking up unnecessary display space.

The base itself is a clear frosted plastic disk, with Super Pochaco's name, logo, and little embellishments printed on in a matte gold. It's simple and elegant, and doesn't distract from the figure itself, but definitely adds to it.

Her dress is made of 2 different materials. The main part of the dress is a solid feeling pvc, while the under skirt (the straight part going across her thighs) is a softer material. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it's soft enough to be moved around fairly easily by touching it.

Her box is a simple elegant pink with fancy lettering and a window for viewing. It is also made of the sturdiest cardboard I have ever received a figure in, it feels very high quality. I don't think her display window is large enough to enjoy her fully displayed in box, she's definitely one meant to be taken out and displayed.

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