Kimetsu no Yaiba - Kamado Nezuko - Figuarts ZERO - Kekkijutsu (Bandai Spirits)

Kamado Nezuko - Figuarts Zero
Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko Kamado
Kamado Nezuko - Figuarts Zero
Kamado Nezuko - Figuarts Zero
Kamado Nezuko - Figuarts Zero

Kimetsu no Yaiba - Kamado Nezuko - Figuarts ZERO - Kekkijutsu (Bandai Spirits)

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Figuarts Zero
Date de sortie
30. Nov 2021
240 mm

Nezuko Kamado's Figuarts ZERO includes a base of pink flames, a representation of the Exploding Blood technique from her Blood Demon Arts. This figure looks even more incredible when paired with the Figuarts ZERO Tanjiro Kamado - Total Concentration.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This was the first Nezuko figure I have seen that I needed to buy. Of course it was done by Tamashii Nations, who always produce such amazing looking figures. The detail and color are amazing.

Good job

the figuarts zero are an excellent choice for those who do not want to spend disproportionate amounts of money and still want to have a lot of quality for a showcase. these demon slayer for me are made very well and with lots of details, great faces also.

Frederick T.
Captivating Power: A Review of the Kamado Nezuko Figuarts ZERO - Kekkijutsu Figure

The Kamado Nezuko Figuarts ZERO Kekkijutsu figure from Bandai Spirits is a stunning collectible that captures the essence of Nezuko's character from the popular anime and manga series, Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer). This meticulously crafted figure stands at approximately 7 inches tall and showcases Nezuko in a dynamic and powerful pose, ready to unleash her kekkijutsu (blood demon art).

The attention to detail in this figure is truly impressive. Nezuko's unique demon transformation is beautifully depicted, with her sharp fangs, piercing crimson eyes, and signature bamboo gag in her mouth. The sculpting of her hair, which flows around her in elegant curls, adds to the overall sense of movement and grace. The paintwork is vibrant and accurate, capturing the vibrant shades of Nezuko's kimono and the intricate patterns that adorn it.

One notable aspect of this figure is the intricate base it comes with. The base features a design inspired by traditional Japanese patterns, which not only complements Nezuko's aesthetic but also provides stability and balance to the figure. It's a thoughtful addition that enhances the overall display value of the figure.

Articulation is limited in this particular Figuarts ZERO figure, which is understandable given the intricate design and delicate nature of Nezuko's pose. While it may not be posable like other action figures, it excels at capturing a specific moment from the series, making it an excellent choice for collectors who prioritize display quality over articulation options.

The packaging of the figure is also worth mentioning. The box itself is adorned with eye-catching artwork and features a window display, allowing collectors to have a glimpse of the figure before opening the package. Inside, the figure is securely held in place by plastic trays, ensuring that it arrives in pristine condition.

Overall, the Kamado Nezuko Figuarts ZERO Kekkijutsu figure is a must-have for fans of Kimetsu no Yaiba and collectors of high-quality anime figures. Its attention to detail, vibrant paintwork, and dynamic pose make it a captivating centerpiece for any display. Whether you're a fan of Nezuko or simply appreciate the artistry behind the figure, this Bandai Spirits collectible is sure to impress.

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