Kimetsu no Yaiba - Hashibira Inosuke - Figuarts ZERO - Beast Breathing (Bandai Spirits)

Hashibira Inosuke - Figuarts Zero
Inosuke Hashibira
Inosuke Hashibira
Hashibira Inosuke - Figuarts Zero
Hashibira Inosuke - Figuarts Zero
Hashibira Inosuke - Figuarts Zero

Kimetsu no Yaiba - Hashibira Inosuke - Figuarts ZERO - Beast Breathing (Bandai Spirits)

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Figuarts Zero
Bandai Spirits
Date de sortie
23. Sep 2021
160 mm

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Customer Reviews

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Florent G.
Very cool figure

I really like this figure it's very well made you can really see that inosuke is making a vilolent attack with his katanas and the transparent effect of the attack reflects really well with light.

Moist c.
Amazing figure

I love the sculpt of this figure it is very cool. The heads can be swapped out so you can change the look. I highly recommend this figure to demon slayer fans. Very worth it!

Frederick T.
Fierce and Untamed: A Review of the Hashibira Inosuke Figuarts ZERO - Beast Breathing Figure

The Hashibira Inosuke Figuarts ZERO - Beast Breathing figure from Bandai Spirits is a remarkable collectible that beautifully captures the essence of Inosuke's wild and untamed nature from the hit anime and manga series, Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer). Standing at approximately 6 inches tall, this figure showcases Inosuke in a dynamic and fierce pose, ready to unleash his beast-like powers through his Beast Breathing techniques.

The level of detail in this figure is truly impressive. Inosuke's muscular physique, adorned with intricate scars and tattoo-like patterns, is skillfully sculpted, showcasing his intense strength and resilience. The paintwork is vibrant and accurately captures the various shades of his outfit, highlighting the textures and intricate details of his clothing, weapons, and accessories.

One notable aspect of this figure is the attention given to Inosuke's headgear and mask. The sculpting of his iconic boar mask is meticulously done, with sharp tusks, intense eyes, and rugged texture, capturing the essence of Inosuke's ferocity. The headgear, consisting of his distinct boar's head and mane, is dynamically posed, adding to the overall sense of movement and power.

Articulation is limited in this particular Figuarts ZERO figure, as Inosuke is depicted in a fixed pose. While it may not offer the versatility of more poseable figures, it excels in capturing a specific moment from the series, making it a desirable choice for collectors who prioritize capturing the character's essence rather than posing options.

The figure comes with a simple yet effective base that provides stability and showcases Inosuke in a dynamic mid-action pose. The base features a rocky terrain design, giving a sense of depth and context to the overall display. It is sturdy and ensures that the figure remains securely in place.

The packaging of the figure is visually appealing, featuring captivating artwork and a window display that allows collectors to have a sneak peek of the figure inside. The figure itself is securely held in place within the packaging, ensuring that it arrives undamaged and ready for display.

In conclusion, the Hashibira Inosuke Figuarts ZERO - Beast Breathing figure is a must-have for fans of Kimetsu no Yaiba and collectors who appreciate high-quality anime figures. Its exceptional attention to detail, vibrant paintwork, and dynamic pose perfectly capture the essence of Inosuke's untamed nature. Whether you are a fan of the character or simply admire the artistry behind the figure, this Bandai Spirits collectible is sure to make a bold statement in any collection.

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