To LOVEru Darkness - Kotegawa Yui - 1/6 (Max Factory)

Kotegawa Yui - To LOVEru Darkness
Kotegawa Yui - To LOVEru Darkness
Kotegawa Yui - To LOVEru Darkness
Kotegawa Yui - To LOVEru Darkness
Kotegawa Yui - To LOVEru Darkness
Kotegawa Yui - To LOVEru Darkness

To LOVEru Darkness - Kotegawa Yui - 1/6 (Max Factory)

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To LOVEru Darkness
Max Factory As Manufacturer
Release Date
30. Apr 2021
260.0 mm
1/6  H=260mm (10.14in, 1:1=1.56m)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Best Wedding Lingerie Version

There are a few of these wedding themed lingerie versions. They're mostly stellar and this one's no exception. Shiny in all the right places and pretty affordable compared to the rest (at least as of writing). Very Kotegawa facial expression also. It has that sorta "You really think I look good?" kind of look.

Superb Quality!

Superb quality! The figure stands at 10.25 inches or 26cm and is made out of PVC plastic which is a good thing because plastic doesn't break as easily as resin. The attention to detail is outstanding right from her eyes down to the lace work on her corset and her garters.

She comes with 2 head accessories: 1) a wedding veil and 2) a flower hair band. Both are interchangeable and stay on properly. You can turn her upside down and shake her and the head accessories will stay on. The stock photo shows her with the wedding veil accessory. My picture shows her with the flower hair band accessory.

The base for the figure is actually better than the stock photo which shows a simple clear circle base. She actually comes with a hexagon pink base decorated with flowers and the name "Yui Kotegawa" written on it. The included base is much nicer looking than the stock photo base!

Her right leg has a pink wedge with a square peg that attaches to the base which is surprisingly more stable than I thought. Some figures have a much weaker connection to the base resulting in the figure falling over a few months later but this figure doesn't seem to have that problem.

The price point is about what you would pay for a figure like this. Not a great deal but not a rip off either. Overall a great display figure with superb quality and great attention to detail went into its construction. I highly recommend!

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